How to make your agency indispensable with data-driven marketing

Posted by
karissa austin photo
on January 15, 2019
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It’s 2019, and digital marketing isn’t all that groundbreaking anymore — especially for agencies. The industry has advanced to a point where if you aren’t doing some kind of digital marketing, you’re falling behind the times (and your competitors). But simply offering digital marketing services doesn’t cut it either. There are hundreds upon hundreds of…

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Client reporting 101

Posted by
Zack Bedingfield at CallRail
on December 7, 2018

Introduction [Anna] All right. So, again, thank you, everyone, for your patience. We’re really excited for today’s webinar. And it’s going to focus primarily on client reporting, so proving the effectiveness of your marketing for your clients, or maybe you work at an agency, maybe you have some in-house responsibilities, like a RPPC manager. And…

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How to choose a digital marketing agency

Posted by
Melissa Garner
on September 7, 2018
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Research what each agency offers and compare that to your needs Don’t opt for the best price, opt for the best value Determine if the agency’s work matches your industry and niche Figure out if the company is open to change and new technologies Get references and word of mouth recommendations Communicate early, openly, and…

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