Agency uses CallRail to Translate Visibility into Revenue

Strategy-Focused Agency uses CallRail to Translate Visibility into Revenue

StrategyWise doesn’t simply run ads. This firm develops the strategic foundation that clients need to protect the validity and impact of their marketing investments. And what lies at the core of this strategy? Solid analytics.

StrategyWise teams of statisticians and data analysts utilize CallRail to develop real visibility into the performance of each client campaign. Call analytics data captured by CallRail helps the firm drive significant revenue gains for their clients.

The Challenge

With clients in the range of $5-$100 million dollars in annual revenue, StrategyWise focuses on key variables such as market segmentation, cluster analysis, and customer lifetime value. Their goal is to answer the questions that keep clients up at night, such as: What is the right market? What will the customers in those markets be worth? What are the right avenues to reach that market and drive from lead to conversions?

With a toolkit that includes everything from print to social media, StrategyWise may be monitoring as many as 5 different marketing channels for a typical client. To track inbound leads, they had previously cobbled together separate toll-free numbers to assign to each client from a variety of providers over the Internet. “It was expensive and tedious,” explained Joshua Jones, Senior Partner of StrategyWise. “We had a lot of headaches with third party vendors trying to find a good, consistent methodology for reporting call traffic. What we wanted a unified call recording solution.” They found that solution in CallRail.

The Agency’s Solution

CallRail enables StrategyWise to monitor leads coming in from channels such as print mailers, newspaper ads, social media, Google Ads (formerly AdWords)—even call centers. Each channel is assigned an autogenerated, toll-free number through CallRail. When a prospect calls that number, the call is automatically directed to the office of the client. CallRail then automatically creates a sales lead in a CRM system for the client.

StrategyWise personnel use CallRail call recordings to advise their clients on the performance of their internal staff. Both strong and weak calls are flagged for review and to aid in employee training for the client. The call tagging feature also helps to sort qualified vs. unqualified leads.
Call monitoring is useful in diagnosing phone tree issues as well. StrategyWise can listen to the path a caller takes, and the overall call time, to identify when callers are becoming frustrated by navigating a client’s phone system.

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Solid Analytics Delivers Real Performance for Clients

The following are just a few samples of the results CallRail helps StrategyWise deliver to clients:

A Health and Medical Equipment vendor was conducting aggressive marketing in the medical space, but didn’t know if those efforts were paying off. “Using the comprehensive combination of our marketing strategy, CallRail, CRM, and some custom tools that we developed in-house, we are able to provide our client complete transparency into their sales pipeline,” stated Jones. “They can see the high-level view of their entire market down to which individual units sold. We look at the leads we generate and identify if they are qualified. Once we have qualified leads, the client’s sales team goes out to perform demos. We can then measure the effectiveness of those demos and whether they are the converting into sales. We can monitor the entire process to make sure that every lead is followed. We were even able to identify an answering service used by the client where quality control was deteriorating quickly. It helped us to help the client to ensure that every lead was treated effectively.” The result is that the client is experienced an increase in sales of $600,000, in the first two quarters of 2014, and is on track to surpass $1 million for this year.

Another client is a reseller in the automotive space. “They had a dozen different marketing channels before working with us,” explained Jones. “Working with CallRail, we were able to identify underperforming channels. We also developed an average lifetime customer value for the client, and we could compare the leads generated for each ad to their worth for the client.” StrategyWise recommended to the client that they cut certain channels and increased marketing spend in others. The result was a $2000-$4000 monthly savings in the client’s budget while maintaining the same level of qualified lead generation.

CallRail Functionality Second to None

Joshua Jones highlighted other important features of CallRail used by his agency. “Email announce is another big feature for us,” he said. “Any time you have a company with a large phone tree, and a distributed sales force on the road, you have the opportunity to drop leads. We work in industries where a single deal can be worth $1 million. With the email notification, we have our team members ensuring that the client does not miss a lead, which is great because our compensation is tied to their success. When there is a solid lead, getting that call-back number to the client representative as soon as possible is a big win.”

But the most powerful CallRail functionality for the agency is the analytics. “Data Analytics and metrics are changing the way businesses operate,” declared Jones. “CallRail has staked out an important piece of that landscape by providing real-time information that businesses can use to make critical decisions that directly relate to their revenue stream.”

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