#CallRailChat AMA: Strategic Marketing in a Recession

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Marketing experts Elise Connors of Anvil Analytics and Ryan Steinolfson of Accelerate Marketing joined #CallRailChat to discuss strategic pivoting during a recession.

Q1. How do I create a marketing strategy that remains sensitive to global events?

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When soliciting feedback on social media, listen first. Then find meaningful conversations in which you can participate. From there, try to weave your ask into the conversation, if it makes sense. People are on social media to socialize, so keep that in mind. - Elise Conners (@GirlNamedElise) May 14,2020

Q2. How do I create an effective campaign with a reduced budget?

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Q3. What steps can be taken to secure business in the near term?

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Q4. How do I measure campaign success during this time?

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Q5. Should I address global events on social media?

1. First things first, don't shy away from the situation at hand. It's fine to talk about COVID-19 and how it's impacting the world. It's especially awesome if your company is doing something to help people who've been affected by COVID. 2. Do something that aligns with your brand. At @anvilinsights, we know that there is a large education gap around analytics, so we're offering free training to help people upskill during this crisis. 3. @B2Community put together a list of examples of brands that are maximizing social media while remaining balanced with current events. - Elise Conners (@GirlNamedElise) May 14,2020

Q6. How do I target appropriate audiences during a recession?

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Q7. How do I set goals with a reduced budget?

A7. It's all about prioritization. Under ordinary circumstances, I would recommend clients run campaigns along every stage of the funnel. Right now, that's not the reality for most businesses.

Start by allocating budget to reach people who are already aware of you. Your branded search. If someone is searching for you by name, chances are, they're your people. Unless you're a huge company, you don't have to spend a lot to be effective here.

If you still have budget left over, look at retargeting campaigns that are action-oriented (i.e., takes someone directly into purchasing or becoming a lead). Put a bit of money there.

If you still have budget left over (lucky you!), put dollars into bottom of the funnel paid search campaigns. Only bid on terms where it's crystal clear that the person is looking for your company. - Elise Conners (@GirlNamedElise) May 14,2020

Q8. Is it appropriate to run paid marketing campaigns during a crisis?

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Q9. How can I craft competitive product/service offers that remain sensitive to customer needs right now?

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Q10. What are some creative ways you’ve seen small businesses overcome economic hurdles to drive revenue the last couple of months?

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