Test Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns Using Call Tracking

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Take The Guesswork out of Direct Mail Marketing

There is a lot of research into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to print marketing. However, every business and every marketing campaign is unique, and the research can’t tell you what’s best in your specific situation. Luckily, there is a way to test what advertising gets you the results you want before you spend a fortune on a campaign that doesn’t.

Split-testing, also known as “A/B testing”, is used to test which version of a marketing piece maximizes interest in potential clients.
The results of the test give you insight into the best way to change or tweak your marketing pieces so they generate conversions.

For example, if you own a dry cleaning business and you want to know what promotions motivate potential clients to call your company, you can use split-testing and call tracking to perform direct mail analysis to find out.

Create two advertisements;  perhaps one with the promotion “Get Half-Off Your First Dry Cleaning” and another advertisement with “Receive Free Alterations with Your First Dry Cleaning.” Then you would place different call tracking numbers on each advertisement. When the calls come in, CallRail will collect data surrounding the call, and you can use that data to find out which version of the advertisement is most effective.

How A/B Testing Works:

  1. Create two versions of your advertisement.
  2. Set up unique call tracking numbers with CallRail. Use a different tracking number on each advertisement
  3. When potential clients call the tracking numbers on your advertisements, CallRail collects data surrounding the call.
  4. Use the data to analyze your results and discover which version of your advertisement drives the most calls and gets you potential customers.

Benefits of Using Call Tracking with Direct Mail Split-Testing:

  • Improve elements of marketing pieces by seeing what version resonates the most with potential clients and generates calls
  • Find out what locations are driving the most calls, enabling you to know where your target market is and how to reach them
  • Take the guesswork out of direct mail marketing and spend your offline marketing budget on effective advertising.

A/B testing your PPC and other marketing strategies as well as your direct mail, can help you uncover insights you may not have discovered otherwise. Call tracking is a powerful tool that can assist in testing each of them.