Social Media Agency Uses CallRail to Drive 250% Increase in Sales

Meet SocialON, a digital and social media agency located in Atlanta, Georgia. Their agency’s bread and butter is serving family-focused, multi-location entertainment-oriented businesses, like Sky Zone Trampoline Park. While these clients may be all about fun and amusement, driving leads for those clients is nothing to play around with.

As is standard for amusement businesses, they drive most of their sales by booking event space over the phone. SocialON was able to show their clients how many clicks paid social media ads were driving, but they had no way to prove what conversions were taking place offline over the phone. That’s why they enlisted CallRail as an integral part of their ‘prove and improve’ conversion strategy.

It’s Not Always What You Think

SocialON knew their most successful marketing channels were digital ad campaigns they created via Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and paid social media ads on channels like Facebook and Instagram. They were effectively driving leads for their clients, but they had no way of justifying the adspend.

“Reach, frequency – we can prove those interactions with social media and click-to-call ads, but when someone picks up the phone there is no way to
show that conversion without CallRail,”
said James Lindsay, CEO of SocialON.

Clients often went with their gut, believing they knew what channels were driving calls, and asking SocialON to focus on those channels.

“One client specifically assumed all of their calls were coming from their website and wanted to focus on the channel. Once we implemented call tracking, we were able to show them their calls were coming from Google Places for business. We worked with them to update their listing and optimized that channel, in turn driving them more leads,” said Lindsay.

Implementing Analytics Features

Once SocialON started implementing CallRail, they realized that the features that comes standard like call recording, Call Flow Builder, and white label directly impacted their client’s ROI.

Call Recording

Not only does SocialON use reporting to show their clients what channels are driving calls, they also use call recording to qualify those calls and prove that they lead to a conversion.

“We can prove and show the type of calls ads are driving, and they can hear the recordings of what offer the customer is calling about for context. We also use the recordings to coach them on how to run a more efficient campaign. Reports are great, but call recordings are physical evidence, when they hear someone saying “yes i saw your ad on facebook and I’d love to book’ for us it’s a victory – for them they feel extremely confident that our marketing is working,” said Lindsay.

White Labeling

CallRail’s white label offering allows agencies to keep a consistent brand across all client-facing reporting systems, so implementing white label was a no-brainer for SocialON. It not only gives them the ability to present call analytics to clients as an added agency feature, but also gives clients confidence that they will only have to deal with the agency, and not deal with the run around of communicating with multiple vendors.

Call Flow Builder

In one instance, call analytics allowed a SocialON client to save money on call center staff by implementing Call Flow Builder to route calls with different menu steps and automated tagging.

“One client was able to cut staff and send calls to the right person automatically or send them to a pre-recorded message that gives them the information they need without having to speak to a representative,” said Lindsay.

Real Results for Clients

Attribution with CallRail has allowed them to make confident decisions for their customers. They implemented click-to-call ads via channels like Facebook, but once someone picked up the phone they weren’t able to show what clicks led to qualifying calls without CallRail.

“Without CallRail, it would make it very difficult for us to prove that our marketing campaigns have been successful. Using CallRail and click-to-call we’ve been able to increase brithday party and group event sales and prove that it’s working, we wouldn’t have locations feel confidence in spending more on ads without call analytics,” said Lindsay

With call analytics, SocialON clients that were receiving $15 – $20,000 in sales are now seeing $60 to $70,000 in sales– that’s a growth of 250%.

“It’s been great since the start, the innovations CallRail comes up with are not just cutting edge, but useful,” said Lindsay.

SocialON is a CallRail Platinum Agency Partner. Agencies that join the Partner Program are eligible for co-marketing benefits like this, along with webinars and guest posts. Interested in joining the Partner Program? Sign up here.