SEO Firm Doubles Monthly Client Intake with CallRail

SEO firm doubles an attorney’s monthly client intake—credits success to combination of CallRail and Google Ads

IVIO is a search marketing firm focusing primarily on law firm clients practicing in such areas as family law, criminal defense, estate planning and bankruptcy. These clients have often had a long history with SEO firms, so IVIO needs to make a strong impression right from the start. Thanks to CallRail, IVIO delivers robust call analytics to clients, while showing them exactly how their search campaigns perform. But the hidden value lies in shining the looking glass on exactly how each client answers their calls—enabling the clients to maximize the performance of each captured lead.

The Challenge

IVIO previously used another call tracking provider, but complexity and slow response were a drag on each project.

“As we increased our use of Google Ads (formerly AdWords), we knew we needed solid conversion data,” shared Craig Brooksby, COO of IVIO. “But this was something that our existing provider couldn’t deliver.”

After a review of other vendor’s offerings, IVIO selected CallRail.

“CallRail helped me understand what I needed to demonstrate to clients in order to prove the value that we were providing,” stated Brooksby. “They were by far the most proactive in putting a plan together to help me get the most out of each campaign, with the conversion data I needed to see exactly how each campaign was performing.”

The Agency’s Solution

IVIO uses CallRail’s call tracking platform to deploy unique, trackable numbers that are assigned to different sources of inbound leads from their pay-per-click campaigns.

“We use a pool of numbers with CallRail and then we track it down to the keyword level,” explained Brooksby_._ IVIO uses recordings of each call, provided by CallRail, to show their clients what’s going right or wrong as they have their first telephone contact with each lead.

IVIO configures CallRail with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to record first-time and repeat callers. Goals and conversions recorded in Analytics are automatically uploaded directly into Google Ads. “The fact that CallRail integrates so well with Google Analytics is very helpful,” said Brooksby. “I perform plenty of analysis directly in the CallRail user interface. I can perform a quick visual scan to look for specific things. CallRail even includes a WordPress plugin. I just plug in the API key and boom, I’m up and running.”

Agency Delivers Transparent, Strong Results

“I can run a call report and show my clients how many first-time callers they received in a specific time period, and where they are coming from,” stated Brooksby_._ “These reports help us cover all bases.”

IVIO enables their client to hear these results for themselves. CallRail automatically sends emails including each call recording to both IVIO and their clients, so that everyone can review what’s happening together. According to Craig Brooksby_:_  “Most of my clients had never heard how their phones are answered. Once they clicked that link and heard what was happening, they resolved many issues internally in terms of how calls were handled at the front desk. That was a huge improvement in terms of how each firm deals with their callers.”

“My customers love getting the call recording emails,” he continued. “It’s like a pulse of how the campaigns are doing. It’s nice to have something real-time to keep reassuring the client that they are getting leads. The steady drumbeat of calls coming in is how they set their impression of how each day is going.”

So what are the real-world results of the combination of CallRail and Google Ads? “I had a client in Tucson that told us his previous client intake was running about 12 new cases  per month,” stated Brooksby. ”In his first month, working with call analytics from CallRail, combined with search campaigns on Ads, he doubled his client intake to 25 per month. This is an example of the results we have seen with just one campaign.”

Craig Brooksby attributes this success to the adaptability of CallRail to meet his evolving needs. “I’m really impressed with their support,” he said. “They’re very responsive and proactive in helping me customize solutions to every campaign I develop. CallRail has become a true partner in delivering value to our law firm clients.”