Send Outbound Texts with Your Tracking Numbers

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Last May, we introduced the ability to receive and reply to text messages through your CallRail dashboard. Now, with our updated text messaging feature, you can initiate text messages using any of your tracking phone numbers.

Start Sending SMS Messages

Click the ‘bolt’ icon to go to the ‘Real Time Interactions’ section of the dashboard, then go to ‘Texts’ to access your SMS Messages. Choose the company you’d like to send a message from, then click the ‘Send a Text Message‘ button under the company and numbers drop down. This will initiate a pop up, where you’ll be able to select which call tracking number you want to send a text from, the number you’d like to send the text to, and a message you would like to send. textpromptloupe

Get the most out of outbound texting:

  • Initiate conversations with qualified leads
  • Easily respond to inbound phone leads without having to place a call
  • Conveniently send appointment reminders, updates, and notifications – all while keeping a conversation record in your dashboard

You can start an SMS conversation with any phone number that is capable of receiving text messages. When you send a text message from the CallRail interface, from the recipient’s perspective, it’s just like you texted them directly from your phone — except your tracking phone number will show up on their Caller ID.