3 Reasons to Implement Round Robin for Your Sales Team

Line hunting features allow you to automate the process of assigning calls to your sales team and agents so you can save time and make sure you’re not missing out on leads that can drive growth for your business.

Our Round Robin step in Call Flow Builder is similar to most line hunting features – giving you the ability to set up multiple destination numbers for one call tracking phone number and route to them sequentially. The added benefit of our feature is it’s quick and easy set up through our app that allows you to bypass setting up cumbersome phone systems.

Most of our clients use Round Robin to make sure their leads don’t go unanswered, which is extremely important since lead response time is one of the main indicators in driving conversions. Here are three reasons you should consider using Round Robin for your sales team.

1. Streamline Your Phone Management

Not only can you set up your call tracking number to send calls to multiple destination numbers with our Round Robin feature, you can also set a specific amount of time that each number in the queue should ring before moving on to the next number. If none of the destination numbers in the Round Robin step answer the call, the call will proceed to the next step you define in Call Flow Builder. This allows you to quickly distribute calls to your team without having to use a phone menu or waste time by sending calls to team members through a receptionist. Here’s a quick video on how easy it is to set up Round Robin through Call Flow Builder.

2. Send Calls to The Best Agent

When setting up CallRail’s Round Robin feature you have the option to distribute calls based on which agents you want to receive calls more often. Once you set up percentages, the Agent or destination number weighted by higher percentages will receive more calls. This feature set is perfect for training purposes or for sending calls to the agents on your team more likely to close more deals.

3. View Deeper Data on Your Calls

Using call tracking with while managing your phone system not only streamlines how you distribute calls to your sales teams but also gives you the added benefit of marketing analytics. Not only will you be able to view attribution for which online and offline marketing channels drove calls to your business, you’ll have access to call recordings so you know exactly what took place during the call. Call recording gives you crucial feedback on how calls are being handled by agents for coaching as well as lead qualification for campaign optimization.

By using our Agents feature, you’ll also be able to view analytics based on which member of your team answered the phone.  Once an Agent is included in the Call Flow Builder, you can filter activity by that agent in the activity dashboard and view reports that show only that agent’s call volume.

Want to learn more about how you can use our Round Robin feature for your sales team? Get started with a free demo of CallRail.