Revise Content to Keep Customers Coming Back

We recently blogged about how call tracking data can be used to develop new content for your website. By truly listening to what your customers have to say on the other end of the line, you can develop a variety of content that resonates with them and generates interest.

If you’ve already got great content, you can further extend its shelf life by making revisions to it, such as optimizing your content for more relevant keywords or linking to new resources as they become available.

In addition to helping nurture new content ideas, call recording can provide you with valuable information that helps make updating content a cinch. Putting a fresh spin on already great content will help keep your customers engaged and returning to your website again and again.

So, where to begin? CallRail’s call recording, call tracking, and data analytics tools offer a number of features that can help take the guesswork out of content revision.

Explore Keyword-Level Call Tracking

If you know which keywords are making your phone ring, you’ll have a better idea of what type of content to further develop. That’s where keyword call tracking comes into play. This extremely useful feature assigns a specific phone number to a unique visitor on your site. Tracking this special number allows you to see how that visitor found your site, which keywords they used to navigate to your site, and other key metrics in their journey.

The ability to see how customers find you online can help you determine the popularity of existing content and provide you with ideas for updating it. If a large number of visitors are using a specific keyword or keyword phrase to get to your site, that means you probably already have some great content out there about this particular topic. You can further expand on this topic by providing addendums to existing, relevant Web content, or even develop a new blog, podcast, or video series based on a particularly popular keyword. The possibilities are infinite, so get creative on how you can use popular keywords to repurpose content.

Listen to Customer Feedback

Gathering customer feedback has never been easier thanks to call recording, and that feedback can be used to help make good content even better. Let’s say that a number of customers pick up the phone to express interest in a particular subject. Maybe you already have a great blog post on your website about that subject. You can further develop that blog post by adding more useful information to it, then turning it into a gated whitepaper that customers can download by providing their email address.

Gathering customer data from phone calls can also make for great anecdotes and additions to existing content. If a customer call strikes a chord with you, talk about it. Add the insight you gathered from that conversation to an existing, relevant piece of content to further build that out.

Track Marketing Metrics and Revise Content

As we’ve already discussed, CallRail’s keyword call tracking feature allows you to gain a deeper understanding of where your visitors find you online. You can take this information one step further by optimizing existing content for the marketing methods that are most successful for your business. Some examples of how this can be accomplished include:

  • Analyzing social media habits. If a particular blog post was especially popular on Pinterest, consider making an infographic or other piece of micro-content to complement that blog post and further promote it. This is just one example — you can optimize existing content for other social media platforms as well.
  • Analyzing conversion rates. If a particular piece of content has generated a successful conversion rate, make additional revisions to further bulk it up. If a specific ad is making your phone ring, spend more time developing and expanding that ad campaign. If an increase in conversions was the result of a blog post, consider adding information to that post and pushing it out as an e-newsletter or promoting it on social media. Again, the key is to make good content even better, and there’s no better content than the kind that drives conversions.
  • Analyzing geographical location. CallRail’s integration with Google Analytics allows you to see where your customers reside. If a specific piece of Web content is popular among your New England customers, that’s something to note. Consider adding a special offer that’s exclusive to the New England region to your existing piece of content, or create a geographic-specific “sequel” that complements the original article or blog.

CallRail’s Campaign-Level Call Tracking feature allows you to assign a unique phone number to each of your online and offline marketing campaigns, so you’ll know which ones are performing above the rest. You can use this data to gain insights about your audience’s behavior and tweak existing content to better suit their interests.<

CallRail’s powerful features dig deep into customer data, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your target audience’s behavior, interests, and values. By using this knowledge to provide your customer with quality content updates, you’ll be able to keep them engaged by expanding upon information they can truly appreciate.
If you’d like to learn more about how call tracking can help you tap into your target customer, allowing you to optimize and revise content accordingly, contact CallRail today.