Prove Marketing Influence with CallRail for Salesforce

In today’s connected world, every customer interaction matters. Unfortunately, too many marketers make the mistake of only tracking prospects’ online path to purchase, leaving a glaring hole in their attribution data when someone picks up the phone and calls.

Luckily, with the right technology, there’s a fix for that gap in your lead attribution. CallRail’s direct integration with Salesforce arms you with the tools you need to link your inbound calls with the marketing campaigns that drive them.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management tool, giving organizations the ability to sell, service, and market smarter. It’s extremely customizable, with the capacity to build workflows, dashboards, and reports unique to your business. Salesforce lets data-driven marketers manage outbound marketing campaigns within the app, allowing for easy analysis of what works best for increasing sales. With the power to track the entire customer journey, it’s no wonder Salesforce is the CRM solution of choice for 150,000 businesses.

Why integrate CallRail and Salesforce?

The best way to properly assess conversion rates and marketing ROI is to link every lead back to their specific marketing source – including phone calls. While Salesforce allows you to tie marketing campaign activity to lead and contact records, without integrated call tracking you aren’t seeing the whole picture.

CallRail for Salesforce enables the full visibility you need to prove your marketing impact. Our integration with Salesforce allows you to:

  • Capture new leads and call activities instantly. All call activities, whether online or offline, can be captured and pushed to either Salesforce leads, accounts, or contacts – giving your sales team better access to those high converting callers. Our integration also allows users to indicate how new leads are created, so you’ll be able to utilize Salesforce workflows based on new lead status and owners.

Creating New Leads

  • Customize your call data to fit your needs. Here at CallRail, we know no two businesses are exactly alike; how you handle your Salesforce instance and phone call data is completely unique to your individual use case. That’s why our Salesforce integration gives you the flexibility to align your CallRail data with your current businesses processes, so you can access the information you need, how you need it.With custom field mapping, you can handpick where call data populates within your Salesforce leads, accounts, and contacts. This reduces Salesforce input errors and helps you maintain an accurate database of organizations, contacts, and lead information. The ability to combine phone call activity with your established Salesforce dashboards, reports, and workflows will help you gain a better understanding of your entire prospect journey.

Custom Field Mapping

  • Align your calls with Salesforce Campaigns. Salesforce already makes it easy for you to quickly locate, manage and report on campaigns; we’re looking to make that even easier. Our direct connection to Salesforce lets you select which marketing campaigns should be tied to your phone calls, eliminating the gaps in your Salesforce lead source data. You’ll have a better idea of which campaigns are driving calls and generating the most revenue.

Assigning Campaigns

How to setup the CallRail Salesforce Integration

Are you ready to start proving the full impact of your marketing efforts? CallRail for Salesforce is available for all CallRail customers on the Pro plan or higher. Within CallRail, head to the integration settings page for the company you’d like to connect with Salesforce and authorize the connection to either your Sandbox or Production Salesforce account by logging in.


For more information on how to customize the integration, check out our support article.