Product updates and feature roundup — October 2021 edition

This month we’ve got a fresh batch of updates to your favorite products, and we’re sharing the impact they’ll have on your business, as well as our highlighted feature of the month.

So grab yourself something warm to drink and dive into our newest product improvements!

Integration updates

Outbound calls to Salesforce

Now users of our Salesforce integration can send leads and activities to their connected Salesforce accounts for the outbound calls they are making through CallRail.

This update gives you a more complete and accurate picture of the people and calls you’re tracking in CallRail, and it allows you to manage follow-up and the sales lifecycle in Salesforce for those leads.

Outbound calls will respect all the other settings you've configured for inbound calls and leads, and “match or create a lead” logic will work the same way.

To start using this new feature, just opt in to the new setting on your Salesforce integration page:


Our Salesforce integration is a premium integration. Use our help article to see or change your plan.

Lead Center updates

Admins can change agent availability on Team View

Agent Availability screenshot in LC

Have an agent who forgot to mark themselves as offline before taking a lunch break or heading out on vacation?

No problem! Admins can change an agent’s availability directly from Team View. Simply select the agent in the middle panel and toggle their availability to online or offline.

Bulk upload contacts in Lead Center

New Secondary CTA screenshot

If you haven’t taken advantage of the contacts feature in Lead Center, now it’s even easier to bulk upload contacts. Simply click “Import Contacts,” use the pre-defined template to format your contacts’ information, then upload!

Recordings and transcripts: Now available in the Lead Center iOS mobile app

iOS users can now listen to both call and voicemail recordings, as well as view call and voicemail transcripts.

The latest release allows Android users to view voicemail and call transcripts.

iOS call recording and transcription screenshot

iOS call recording screenshot

Form Tracking updates

External Form Tracking info on all companies

We’ve made it easier than ever to see which companies in your account have enabled external Form Tracking. We’ve added a new column to our company configurations page, which can be found in your account settings.

This new column can be sorted to quickly show you which companies have already enabled external Form Tracking and, it provides a direct link to manage a company’s external Form Tracking settings.

form-tracking-update screenshot

You’ll only see this new column if you’re using our Form Tracking. Click here to get started with tracking your forms today.

Feature of the Month: Responsive Routing

You might already know that our Call Flow builder offers many options to configure how your calls are routed, but did you know that you can automatically route calls based on a wide range of criteria like source, campaign, landing page, or repeat caller?

Our Responsive Routing step does just that.

Let’s say you run a law firm specializing in both personal injury and medical malpractice. Your firm employs both types of attorneys and the case types have unique intake processes. You want to route calls to agents who are trained to handle the specific case type the caller is contacting you about.

If you’re running Google Ads, you can set up a responsive routing step to route calls based on the keyword that triggered the ad they saw before calling you. For example, a keyword search on “car accident lawyer” would get routed to the agent who handles cases for personal injury, and a keyword search on “malpractice lawyer” would get routed to the medical malpractice agent. If you configure different landing pages for each case type, you could choose to dynamically route the calls based on the landing page the caller saw.

You can also choose to route calls based on the number’s previous tracked calls. Use the “first-time caller” option instead of the “repeat caller” option to ensure new customers are always routed to your sales team while returning customers are sent to their account managers. For repeat callers who have already been marked as leads using CallScore, you can ensure they are routed to your best closers.

There are also other options to fit your workflow, including routing by source, campaign, referrer, or the page the lead was on when they called you.

And the best news? Responsive Routing is available to CallRail customers with the advanced call flows add-on. If you’re ready to get started, head to the call flow builder, select a Responsive Routing step, and send your calls to the right person every time.


That’s all, folks! Come back next month to see what’s new at CallRail.