What's new at CallRail: Features, reports & more

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We’ve been hard at work here at CallRail making big improvements to some of our most popular features. Below, we’ve outlined some of our biggest releases over the past few weeks, including updates to our notifications, a new report, and an exciting change to our Facebook integration. As always, we hope these updates make managing your leads easier and more efficient!

A new home for notifications

After speaking with so many of our customers about their experience with CallRail, we’ve created a new home for all of your notifications. Now, a direct link to manage all of your notifications lives in your account panel, making it faster than ever to manage or update the alerts you receive.

Get alerts for incoming and missed calls, or create notifications that tell you when someone has filled out a form on your website. These notifications will show you exactly who’s reaching out to you so you can immediately follow up with all the context you need to have the right conversation. You can even choose to set up your notifications to be delivered by email, text message, or directly to your cell phone’s home screen. See how to manage notifications for inbound calls and texts.

New report: Rejected calls

We’re also excited to announce the release of our Reject Calls report. This report shows you which calls were rejected by your tracking numbers.

Rejected calls typically happen when we detect spam calls reaching your tracking numbers, or if you’ve set your challenge settings for your tracking numbers. This ensures that you’re not paying for unwanted and unnecessary calls to your business. See how you can find this report in your account.

This exciting enhancement is available to account administrators and provides proof that the leads reaching out to your business are real people looking to connect with your services.

As with all of CallRail’s reports, you can sort and filter through rejected calls for a specific company or gather information for all the companies within your account. When you're ready, export your report as an Excel file or save it as a PDF document to share with your team.

Learn more about how CallRail keeps your data clean by preventing call spam.

Facebook Integration Updates

Our Facebook integration has received a substantial update to its reporting capabilities. Offline events will now be sent from CallRail as “Lead” instead of “Other.” This way, your activity will be more accurately represented when using the campaign management options Facebook offers.

Your calls, text messages, and form submissions from customers will now read within Facebook as “Offline Leads” instead of “Other Offline Events.” This registers these interactions as a valuable business activity within Facebook by default, instead of labeling them as miscellaneous and keeping them separated from the rest of your conversions. See how you can integrate with Facebook.

Your experience matters

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