CallRail Quarterly Product Update: What’s New in Q4 2017

We ended 2017 with a bang and a lot of great new releases! We added a Facebook integration, improved user workflow and permissions, and introduced some great new features to the CallRail API.

Want to see what we built? Here’s everything we shipped in Q4 of 2017.

CallRail’s Facebook Integration

Although CallRail has always been able to track phone calls from Facebook ads, attributing them to exact clicks within Facebook’s Business Ads Manager used to require a developer or hours of tedious exports. Our new Facebook integration, however, attributes inbound calls, texts, and form completions directly to the Facebook ad click that drove them – all inside the Facebook Business Ads Manager.

  • Close the offline conversion gap. Our Facebook Integration gives you a holistic view of your marketing campaigns, by pulling CallRail phone call, text, and form data directly into the Business Ads Manager.

  • Automated custom audience creation. CallRail’s integration with the Facebook Business Ads Manager also allows our users to automatically sync Custom Audiences from phone calls, text messages, and form fill-outs.

CallRail’s new Facebook Integration gives you seamless access to valuable phone call metrics inside of Facebook, and is available for all CallRail customers on any plan. Check out our [support documentation](http://support documentation) to get started today!

The Key Terms Spotted Report

CallRail’s new Key Terms Spotted Reportt helps you identify conversation trends across all of your phone calls. This is an aggregate report of all of CallRail's spotted key terms, eliminating manual reporting to help you scale conversation intelligence across all of your campaigns. This report will show you which keywords are mentioned the most in conversation, whether they are spoken by the agent or the caller, and how those words or phrases impact overall lead quality.

Use the Key Terms Spotted Report to update your marketing messaging based on questions your prospects have, or to train your sales and supports reps phone conversations. This report will give you an even clearer idea of what’s happening on your phone call conversations, and the data you can use to improve your overall lead quality and customer service efforts. Check out our support documentation to learn more.

Managing & reporting users in Account Center

Account Center is CallRail’s tool for helping you manage multiple CallRail accounts with a single user login. Once your Account Center is set up, you’re able to quickly and seamlessly switch between your accounts for easier account management. Previously, we only allowed account administrators to use this feature – but now that’s all changed!

Now, CallRail users are able to add reporting and managing users to their own Account Center. Admins or managers will need to add a new user at the account level the same way they usually would, and the user will now see access to all of their accounts within Account Center.

Edit caller names for better lead management

This was one of our most requested CallRail updates in 2017, and we were super excited to announce its release. We know that caller ID names aren’t always the most accurate, and oftentimes that can make lead management inside of CallRail difficult. That’s why you can now edit caller ID’s inside of CallRail to find leads faster, and close more deals.


Check out this blog post or our support documentation to learn how to edit a caller ID name.

Updates to the API

We’re constantly making updates to the CallRail API to help our customers and third-party integrations that rely on using CallRail data in the platform of their choosing. In Q4, we shipped several updates to the API:

  • Form data is now available in the API.
  • Automation Rules can now be turned on and configured using our API.
  • Coming soon: Company summary emails will soon be activated and configured via the API.