CallRail Quarterly Product Update: What’s New in Q3 2017

This past quarter we saw some great new releases inside the CallRail application. We were focused on improving our overall user experience, increasing the power and usability behind our Call Flow Builder, as well as introduced some great new reporting features.

Ready to check it out? Here’s everything we shipped in Q3 of 2017:

CallRail’s New User Interface (UI)

Our Design Team’s number one goal here at CallRail is always: how can we make CallRail a better, easier-to-use product? And this past quarter, we launched a brand new UI centered around improving the overall CallRail experience.

Updates include a brand new vertical navigation, more modernized and intuitive icons, as well as some changes to how we display data inside of the Call Log.

These changes are just the first in what promises to be a string of key improvements to CallRail’s user experience. Our UX Team is continuously working to make your call tracking needs as seamless as possible. Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements over the coming months!

CallRail’s New Referral Program

It’s simple. Refer someone to CallRail, and we’ll take money off your next CallRail bill. Yep, you read that right – whenever you invite your friends, family and industry peers to CallRail, you’ll both earn account credits that will be directly applied to your monthly invoices.

$50 account credits will be awarded to Starter plan sign-ups, and $150 for Pro plans or higher. You don’t need to apply to join our program, all you need is administrator access to your CallRail account.

You can find your unique referral link directly within your Account Settings by navigating to the new Referrals section.

Responsive Call Routing

Where your inbound callers get routed significantly impacts how they convert to revenue. If you can ensure every caller gets to the right person, every time you have a better chance of turning that lead into a paying customer.

That’s why were so excited to introduce Responsive Routing to the Call Flow Builder. Responsive Routing allows you to automatically route phone calls from your marketing based on a wide range of marketing criteria to help you close more deals!

Responsive Routing allows you to route callers based on the following criteria:

  • First-Time vs. Repeat **Caller
  • **Routing Calls by Marketing or Referring Source **
  • Route Phone Calls by Search **Keyword
  • Landing Page or Active **Page
  • Routing Rules for Marketing **Campaigns
  • CallScore Lead Status

Speaker Talk-Time Percentage

Call recording is a simple way to evaluate whether or not a lead is ready to convert. Additionally, you can use call recording to listen to your employees and how they interact with your customers. But listening to every single phone call can often be extremely time-consuming.

Our new talk-time percentages help you learn more about the contents of a phone call – at a glance. No more have to sort through recordings or transcriptions. You’ll be able to instantly know whether or not your agents had a valuable conversation, instantly.

What else is new?

  • CSV Upload for Geo-Routing – If you’re looking to use Geo-Routing inside of the Call Flow Builder, but have a large numbers of zip codes or area codes that may be cumbersome to enter manually, you can now import your call flow via a CSV.
  • Preserved routing when duplicating call flows – Previously when duplicating call flows, CallRail would only preserves the shell of the routing without assigned recordings or phone numbers. Now, you can preserve all of the routing and recordings when copying a call flow in the event you only need to make one small tweak to a new route.
  • Filter call notifications by CallScore – Email notifications can now be set by the lead score determined via CallScore. Choose to only receive email alerts for calls that are marked as a lead, not a lead, or not scored.
  • All Account Numbers report – The new All Account Numbers report will give account administrators access to the status of all the numbers within their account, and can be accessed via the Account Settings page.