Product update: Make edits to your call tracking more efficiently with Bulk Edit

At CallRail, we constantly strive to simplify processes for our users. We know our customers have different goals and ways they measure success, but one key commonality amongst our customers is the need to be efficient in their day-to-day workflows.

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re excited to introduce the ability to mass edit a variety of your CallRail settings.

In the past, these edits needed to be made on a number by number basis, making it relatively monotonous and time-consuming to onboard new clients.

Our Bulk Edit option allows users to simply select the multiple tracking numbers that need to be edited and mass-configure settings for the entire group of trackers.

With our Bulk Edit capabilities, you can activate or disable:

Users can also move numbers between companies, or make edits to caller ID and swap target settings.

CallRail features to configure with call tracking numbers

Bulk Edit is accessible for admin users only.

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