Prepare for Keypad Scoring

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Get Your CallRail Account Ready for Keypad Scoring

The team at CallRail is putting the final touches on Keypad Scoring, a new feature that’s coming soon to your CallRail account. Keypad Scoring allows you to input specific information about a phone call after it ends. This includes the option of adding a tag to a call (like “New opportunity,” or “Conversion”), and also classifying a call as a good lead.

In order to use Keypad Scoring, there are a few things you’ll want to set up in your account first. We’ve compiled this guide for you so that you can be prepared to turn on Keypad Scoring as soon as we announce its release!

First, Set up Your Company’s Call Tags

CallRail’s call tag feature is the first option you can use with Keypad Scoring. After the call ends, you’ll be guided through a series of prompts so you can select a call tag you’ve created within a company in your CallRail account. Then, without having to log into your account, you’ll be able to correctly categorize the call directly from your phone’s keypad. The tag will be applied to the call immediately, and will appear on the activity dashboard for you and your team to view.

Call tags are a great way to ensure your calls are organized properly. In order to effectively use call tags with Keypad Scoring, we recommend setting up your call tags in a way that’s best for your business. For example, you can set up the tags, “New Lead” and “Conversion,” then tag the call accordingly once the call ends depending upon the conversation with the caller.

Call tags are available at the company-level in your account within the “Customizations” drop-down menu. You can also add call tags to a company within the “Tag” column from the activity dashboard. Once your tags are configured, you’ll be able to immediately begin categorizing calls using Keypad Scoring.

Next, Turn on Lead Classification

The second option you’ll be able to include within Keypad Scoring is the Lead Classification feature. Lead Classification is another company-specific customization that allows you to score your calls as good leads. Used alongside Keypad Scoring, classifying your calls will be even easier.

If you choose to include Lead Classification in Keypad Scoring, once the call ends, you’ll be asked, “Was this a good lead?” You’ll then enter a number on your keypad to indicate your answer, and your CallRail dashboard will update accordingly.

Once you’ve enabled Lead Classification, you’ll also have access to CallRail’s Lead Funnel Report. This report populates using your classified calls to illustrate how your website visitors become callers. This provides greater insight into how you acquire customers and brings more value to your data when used alongside Keypad Scoring, as it keeps your entire team up-to-date on leads as calls occur.


Combine Your Leads & Tags for Powerful Reporting Data

Keypad Scoring gives you the freedom to step away from your desk without compromising your call data. Using call tags and Lead Classification alongside this new feature allows you to input relevant information about your calls as soon as they occur. This not only allows for greater insight into your customers, it also allows you to optimize your campaigns appropriately, and keeps your entire team up-to-date with the most recent information available.