Over-the-phone payments have become more commonplace, but phone conversations that include sensitive customer billing information can present risks for businesses and their customers. That’s why, when you’re transcribing phone calls, it’s important to provide as much protection as possible for the Personal Credit Information (PCI) contained in these calls.

Our new PCI Redaction feature removes customer billing information from your call transcriptions and call recordings — this includes credit card numbers, CVV digits, and billing zip codes, providing enhanced security for your CallRail account.

We built this feature to help businesses protect their customers’ financial privacy and reduce business liability when payment information is exchanged. And PCI Redaction is an especially important security tool if multiple users have access to your business’s call recordings.

Powered by CallScribe, our machine learning model targets sensitive customer billing information with a 90 percent accuracy rate, and is continuing to improve over time.

When financial information is spotted, it will show as “[redacted]” in your call transcription and a short tone will replace any redactions in your call recordings:

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