Route Calls with Ease: New Out-of-the-Box Call Flow Builder Templates

Determining how to to successfully route calls can be a daunting task. Taking into account staff availability, schedules, and location, has historically been a manual, painful process. CallRail’s Call Flow Builder revolutionized this process, giving users the freedom to completely customize the way calls are being routed. With multi-step options, the customizable flows ensure your call is routed seamlessly, every time.

To simplify configuration of call flows further, we are introducing Call Flow Builder Templates – out-of-the-box call flows to get your calls to the right person even faster, with minimal effort.

Revolutionize Routing

Our Call Flow Builder Templates are stacked with five templated call flow options of our most frequently used call flows. Although these flows are templated, you still have complete control of how, when, and to whom your calls will be routed. You can still create your own completely customized call flow from scratch, or use the option to duplicate a call flow.

With the use of templated call flows, you can easily streamline and simplify the way you choose to route calls. CallRail takes care of the setup, all you have to do is fill in the destination numbers, and wait for your phone to ring.

CFB Template

Multiple call flow templates to choose from

With five templates to choose from, it’s easier than ever to streamline routing. Whether you’re managing a team, an admin who routes the call, or the person taking the call, templated call flows eliminate the manual setup, keeping everything organized in one place.

Duplicate call flows

Eliminate duplicate efforts with the duplicate call flow option. Duplicate call flows across users or companies for consistency.

Customized call flows

Customize the existing call flows as much or as little as you’d like. Option to add or remove as many steps, making each step catered to your exact process. For easier organization, CallRail will title each call flow based on the template chosen. Personalize titles further to be inline with your team’s processes (ex: Sales Round Robin call flow).

Set it, forget it

Call Flow Builder Templates require only a couple clicks to activate, enabling call routing immediately. The predefined templates are a great starting point for familiarizing yourself with call routing, providing opportunity for more advanced routing as you go.

To learn more about how call tracking and analytics can improve your business, request your no-obligation demo of CallRail, or go ahead and start your 14-day free trial.