Turn it off: Team CallRail takes Summer!

Here at CallRail, we value work-life balance. In fact, ‘Turn it off’ is one of our company’s culture statements. We take care of ourselves, our families, our friends, and our community. We know it’s okay to close the laptop and turn off the phone and really enjoy a moment, an evening, a weekend, and a vacation. As our CEO Andy Powell once said: “Don’t let this place follow you around.”

Near or far, it’s important to take time for yourself and unwind. At CallRail, we know that being tired, burnt-out and uninspired is as bad for the people who work here as it is for the company itself. As an organization, we’re better off when we’re all healthy, well-rested, and focused. (That’s why every member of Team CallRail is _required _to take at least one continuous week of vacation every year.)

Naturally, that week is usually spent in the summertime. So as we bid farewell to Summer 2019, we’ve rounded up some awesome photos of some of the truly memorable vacations we took. It’s been a fun one, so check it out — oh, the places we’ve gone!

“Took my little fam to Glacier National Park! One of our best vacations ever! Glacier National Park was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. The trip was filled with hiking, huckleberry ice cream, and animal sightings (bears, moose, and eagles!). Plus, there is no cell service in the park so we were able to be 100 percent focused on our time together as a family.” — Christina, Product Manager

“I spent the entire summer traveling with my son’s baseball team. Our family traveled to Southaven, MS so that our son, and his team, could participate in the Dizzy Dean World Series Baseball tournament. Since we were so close to Memphis we decided to hit up Graceland, The Elvis Experience, and the biggest Bass Pro Shop we’d ever seen!” — Tony, Engineering Manager

“I went to the Dominican Republic! I enjoyed the beautiful beaches, friendly people and adventure excursions. We went hookah diving, parasailing, swam with sharks and went on a catamaran party. We had lots of fun and made some new friends along the way.” — Melissa, QA Engineer

Osaka, Japan

“I love visiting Japan. I really enjoy the food, culture, and lifestyle of the Japanese. This vacation was special to me as well since I went with 6 friends from college. Many of whom live around the world. Everyone is so friendly to tourists and is a very welcoming country.” — Justin, Sr. Software Engineer I

“I had a very abbreviated stay in Hawaii. I was supposed to take a big trip with a friend of mine, who couldn’t make it. So I decided instead to do a big solo adventure. I picked the most tropical spot I could think of: Maui! Amazing beaches, lots of rum, friendly people. Also, coincidentally, Kara [CallRail’s Director of UX Design] and her husband were there, staying two hotels down the beach from me! So we hung out one day and had a blast.” — Katie, Product Manager

Lake Allatoona, GA

“Red Top mountain is one of the few places around metro Atlanta that has less light pollution. We decided to head up there to go star gazing!” — Selina, Customer Advocacy Specialist

“I took a girls’ trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon early this summer. The Grand Canyon was the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen. It was snowing on one whole side of the canyon, which was crazy to see in itself. Sedona was gorgeous as well. We hiked to the center of an energy vortex and had a yoga and reiki energy healing session. I was able to sneak off for a bit by myself and I hiked up to another vortex and watched the sun set with about 100 strangers. It was an amazing experience!” — Lindsay, Executive Assistant

“My partner Christina and I spent the first half of June visiting the high holy sites of Lhasa, Tibet. We chilled with Buddhist monks, supped with yak farmers, and trekked the foothills of the Himalayas. It might have been the altitude (13,000 feet), but we still haven’t come back down to earth.” — Michael, Marketing Content Editor

“We spent two weeks hopping around several cities in Switzerland by train. At the Carnival celebration in Bern, we drank mulled wine and ate grilled meat on a stick. Outside Lucerne we hiked to the top of Mount Riga and took the cogwheel train back down. In Zermatt we enjoyed some snowy weather and tried (and failed) to see the Matterhorn through the clouds. Overall an amazing and beautiful country I’d love to re-visit in full summer!” — John, Director of Engineering

“My college roommate and I spent 10 days in Banff and Jasper National Parks this summer. We split the time between the towns, with their unique restaurants and breweries, and backcountry lodges, where the only way in was to hike. I really enjoyed the trip because I was always amazed at how beautiful the landscape was. Without cell service or WiFi in some areas, I was really able to relax and not think about work or Atlanta life.” — Grant, Associate Product Manager

Now, we’re all ready to welcome cooler weather and the holidays with open arms, and ready to take on the last bit of the year! Did you have an unforgettable summer vacation? Are you excited for Fall? Let us know on Twitter