OEO Saves More Than $100,000 on Ad Spend by Switching to CallRail

OEO offers LED lighting solutions for industrial warehouses, parking lots, universities, sporting arenas, and other commercial applications. They serve thousands of customers from their headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. They use CallRail first and foremost to track lead sources while measuring ROI.


OEO had been using CallRail call tracking for more than a year, but only for their PPC campaigns. Their SEM department was getting great results by tracking which ads were working to drive calls for their business. Unfortunately, since use of CallRail was siloed to their SEM department, OEO wasn’t getting the full benefit of tracking their calls.


That’s when they decided to start using call tracking numbers to track their traditional marketing channels like print advertisements as well.

“Our SEM department was using CallRail to track PPC calls. We saw how they were able to track conversions with call tracking and that’s when it clicked, we should use this for all of our campaigns and placements,” said Desire Einarsen.

After implementation, OEO was able to accurately view which sources were not only producing leads, but quality leads.


Now that OEO is able to focus their ad spend on what print advertisements are actually driving conversions, they can focus on what is really working. In fact, they’ve been able to save on ad spend by attributing leads through CallRail.

“For some time, OEO thought leads were sourcing from certain media channels, however since using CallRail, we quickly learned otherwise. CallRail allowed us to track sources by using different phone numbers for each placement,” said Desire.

Not only are they able to track each placement, they’re also able to quickly analyze metrics.

“When analyzing metrics, CallRail told us which sources were working and which were not. Since then, we’ve literally saved more than $100,000 by no longer placing advertisements in the channel we thought was a huge market driver for us. Now, we can focus the ad spend elsewhere to better maximize our ROI!”

To learn more about how call tracking can help you save money on ad spend, request your free CallRail demo.