Marketing agencies that understand the benefits of using call tracking often find themselves working to convince their clients why and how call tracking can be a game changer. For some agencies, persuading clients can be a challenge. It can be frustrating when your clients are reluctant to set up call tracking.

Forget the fact that many of their competitors are now using it, getting a leg up. But without call tracking in place, your hands are tied from proving that you’re driving non-digital leads their way. We’ve seen agencies turn on call tracking for their customers and immediately uncover a hidden goldmine of leads –– as much as 10x more than what they were driving digitally (and those leads tend to convert at a rate of 10-15x better than their digital counterparts).

Of course, this is incredibly valuable for account security, giving you the ability to prove that your work is more valuable than the client thought. And, just as significantly, this can help hone your marketing on their behalf, focusing on keywords and channels which are driving the all-important inbound call.

Here are three common objections that marketing agencies often hear from their clients, and how  you can overcome them:

The Strict Budgeter client


Clients with strict budgets can be extremely difficult to approach about implementing a new tool. Once budgets have been set, it may seem like there’s no room for negotiating change.


Explaining that call tracking is a major factor to prove ROI is a great way to confront this objection. Agencies have to be able to show their work is consistently generating revenue. If a significant amount of traffic is not being accounted for, client budgets and marketing efforts are going to waste. CallRail’s intuitive platform ensures that all forms of traffic are being captured. This helps prove ROI and make the best business decisions. CallRail gives agencies the ability to show clients exactly how their budget dollars are being spent and generating revenue.

Are you on a strict budget at your agency, too? Good news: call tracking is a proven revenue stimulant. Download our e-book, “How call tracking can grow your agency,” to hear first-hand how agencies have used CallRail to grow.

The Hesitant and Unsure client


A client could be hesitant to begin using call tracking because they’re not sure if it’s a validated business decision. Many may believe there are more important tasks to address — like hiring the best talent, or working to keep customer satisfaction high — and may, therefore, lack a sense of urgency about getting call tracking up and running. They aren’t necessarily saying no, but they’re not saying yes, because it feels like the timing isn’t right.


Combating this objection comes down to emphasizing the cost of waiting to the client. Each day the client postpones they’re missing out on key data that plays a crucial role in the success of their business.

Every inbound call conversion that goes untracked is a missed opportunity to better understand what campaigns are driving these leads. Emphasize this to your client to create a sense of urgency. This also creates the perfect opportunity for them to take advantage of CallRail’s Free 14-Day Trial, which will likely show immediate results.

The “What is Call Tracking, though?” client


It’s not uncommon for a marketing agency to discover that their clients have no idea what call tracking is and why it matters. That’s totally fair –– there’s only so much room in the world for marketing nerds like us. Furthermore, we want to be those nerdy experts our clients turn to for innovative tools like call tracking. Their lack of understanding does create a challenge though. This is especially true when it seems like phone calls aren’t as important as they used to be.


CallRail makes educating clients about call tracking easy. The simplest way to explain call tracking is to define it as the process of determining how callers found your business.

Marketing agencies have fully stocked toolboxes to help them understand the entire online journey of a buyer. However, if someone decides to make a phone call to a business and there’s nothing to track the call, marketers are left in the dark. CallRail is working with marketing agencies to help close this gap for their clients. This ensures that every interaction of the buyer’s journey, online and offline, is accounted for.

Overcoming common objections about call tracking from clients is possible. Educating and encouraging clients to make better business decisions is a win for the client and the agency. CallRail’s goal is to help both you and your client see the whole picture, shining a brighter spotlight on the excellent marketing you’re doing for them.

Read more about how agencies can set up multiple clients under a single CallRail account. You can also request a demo or signup for a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) to check it out for yourself.

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