New feature roundup — May 2021 edition

New feature roundup is our monthly product update blog series. The goal of this series is to share our most recent product improvements so that you, our customers, can maximize all that CallRail has to offer.

And there’s a lot to cover. Our product team has been busy, so grab yourself a coffee or tea before digging into all of our new product improvements! Here’s a quick look at what you can expect:

  • Call Tracking update
  • Lead Center updates
  • Conversation Intelligence updates
  • Integration updates

Call Tracking update

1. Automatic Source Detection now tracks 9 more sources

You can now track marketing campaigns from nine new sources, arming you with even more data that can identify your most successful campaigns and better inform your marketing decisions.

If you’re a seasoned CallRail user, you are familiar with our source tracking. For those new to CallRail, source tracking allows you to use a single, unique tracking phone number for each marketing campaign you want to measure. For example, you might want to track calls from Google visitors, a social media ad, and a direct mail campaign — so you'd use three individual tracking numbers for each source.

With our most recent feature update, you can now identify the following new sources: Yelp, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Duck Duck Go, and YouTube. Happy tracking, marketers!

Lead Center updates

1. Chat

In April, we announced that Lead Center now offers chat as a brand new feature! Lead Center customers are now able to take advantage of this channel inside of Lead Center. Why chat? Customer satisfaction is higher for chat interactions than all other support channels, and we want to help you reap the rewards.

With Lead Center chat:

  • Respond to customers and prospects even faster with live chat in Lead Center.

Lead Center Chat Pic

Pictured: incoming chat with a timer that shows how long your agents have to respond before it’s missed

  • Add notes, tags, and the value of the chat interaction.

Chat classification

  • See the full context behind the chat interaction — where on your website the chat originated from, the source of the lead, and which agent handled the interaction.

full context view behind conversations

  • Customize the appearance of the chat widget to match your branding.

Lead-Center-Call-Text-Chat-CTA Chat is available for Lead Center Standard & Premium plan tiers.

2. Queue updates: Real-time queue stats and selectable hold music

Real-Time Stats

Ever wanted more insights and information into your customer’s call experience? Now with real-time stats in Lead Center, you have access to data that provides you updates on the longest current handle, the longest wait time (i.e., the longest time a caller had to wait for an agent or wait to be routed to the next step in your call flow), and metrics around abandoned calls. And it’s updated every 15 seconds!

Real-time stats

To access real-time stats, you must have a team set up in Lead Center and a Call Flow that uses a queue. Once you have these two items set up you can view these statistics under Team View.

Real-time queue stats are available for Lead Center Standard and Premium plan tiers.

Queue Hold Music

What’s more with queue updates? CallRail Lead Center users can now select hold music for queues. If you use call queues, you can now select which hold music you’d like your callers in the queue to hear.

Queue Hold Music

To use this feature, you’ll need to head to the Call Flow Builder and select from a list of six options. Don’t like any of the default options? Upload your own! You can upload any audio file (custom music, special offer messaging, etc.) up to 20 MB in size. As soon as you hit save, the hold music for the queue will be updated. It’s that easy.

3. Manage contacts in Lead Center: add new contacts and bulk upload

You asked, our product team has delivered. This highly requested feature is sure to excite you. Users can now add people to a company-scoped contact list. This feature allows companies to keep track of and communicate with leads that aren't in Lead Center yet — like past customers or leads that walked into their business.

Buld add contacts

Quick highlights:

And, if you use a Lead Center Standard or Premium plan, you can now bulk upload your contacts, saving you time. This update introduces a delightfully modern file drag and drop feature, a handy template for formatting, and email notification once the upload is complete.

important contacts gif

4. New Lead Center app, version (1.3.2) available in iOS store

With our latest mobile update for iOS, Lead Center customers can now:

lead center mobile app

  • View call interaction details, giving you more insight and customer detail on the go.
  • Swipe an inbox item for quick actions for a more seamless experience.
  • View a reordered inbox. Instead of reading “Recent, Active, Incoming” you will now see “Incoming, Active, Recent” to mirror your typical web experience.

5. Lead Center “Agent-Only View”

Renamed feature alert: Lead Center ”Agent-Only View” view is now named “Focused Inbox.” Focused Inbox allows agents to focus on the interactions they own by filtering out interactions being handled by other agents.

Conversation Intelligence updates

1. Improved PII (Personally Identifiable Information) Redaction

Are you currently using CallRail’s Call Transcriptions feature yet? Conversation Intelligence customers not only can transcribe their call recordings for automated insights, tagging, and qualification, but also redact any personal or sensitive client information with our PII Redaction.

As before, customers may still redact credit card and social security numbers from call transcripts. With our recently enhanced PII Redaction (previously called PCI Redaction) customers can now redact two additional pieces of information:

  • Personal information including date of birth, age, religion, and political affiliation.
  • Numeric information including any number sequence of two or more.

CI redacted transcripts

In addition to now redacting personal information and number sequences, customers will now see [brackets] and the type of information redacted (shown above). With this new format, transcriptions will read more clearly. Additionally, if you find something is redacting that you didn’t expect, our support team can better identify where the problem may exist. All in all, a stellar update!

Integrations updates

1. Facebook pixel integration

CallRail’s Facebook integration now has the option to send events through the Pixel (instead of Offline Events). This has a lot of benefits!

  • Easier integration setup.
  • Better attribution for website calls, forms, and texts.
  • More flexibility in campaign conversion optimization.

Facebook Pixel Integrations

2. Google Data Studio updates

Our Google Data Studio integration just got a whole lot better. You may be aware that we previously offered a couple of Google Data Studio connectors. The original connectors were focused on summary-level information, giving you insights into how many calls you may have received week-over-week or how many calls received are attributed to a specific source.

Enter our new Google Data Studio connector.

Now, you have access to the same level of details you’re used to seeing in your CallRail call log and reports like:

  • Caller ID info
  • Tags
  • Qualified
  • Notes
  • Source / Medium / Campaign

What does this mean for you? Customers can now build more extensive call reports, visualizations, and dashboards in Google Data Studio. In short, if you can see it or report on it in CallRail, you can report on it in Google Data Studio. Additionally, you now have optional filters for Company and Tracking Number in connector setup.

You can start using this connector by searching for "CallRail" in the Google Data Studio connector gallery or by clicking the link on the Google Data Studio integration page.

Google Studio ScreenGrab

3. Outbound calls to HubSpot

You read that right: customers can now see their outbound calls as Activities and Contacts in HubSpot. This gives a more complete picture of the interactions and leads you’re capturing in CallRail within your CRM.

All you have to do is check the box on your integration page to opt-in.

HubSpot Integration Update

That’s a wrap, see you next month!

We have more exciting new features planned for June 2021. Be sure to check out our product update feature roundup each month for what’s new at CallRail.