New feature roundup - August 2021 edition

Our product team works around the clock to enhance your CallRail experience with meaningful updates that positively impact your business and workflow. Keep up with what’s new at CallRail with our New Feature Roundup.Take a look at What’s covered in this month’s new feature roundup:

  • Call Flow updates
  • Call Tracking update
  • Integration & API updates
  • Lead Center mobile app update
  • CallRail’s feature of the month

Call Flow updates

New option for Round Robin

A Round Robin step in a call flow allows you to sequentially route incoming calls to multiple destination numbers or agents in a queue. If you’re using Round Robin, it's now optional to have repeat callers routed to the number that answered the last time they called!

Previously, Round Robin steps automatically routed repeat callers to the last number that answered their call, but now that option is up to you. To update your choice, just visit your call flow, find the Round Robin step, and check or uncheck the box pictured below.

Round Robin Update 7:28

New configuration option for queues

You can now give your callers the option to skip the queue and continue to the next step in the call flow (usually a voicemail). You can select which key skips the queue (For example, press “1” to skip the queue). You can also upload a recording or enter text that instructs the caller on what they need to do to skip the queue. Your recorded message will play after the first full loop of the hold music and each loop after that. Callers can press the selected key at any time to skip to the next step.

Note that this new configuration option is not available if there is not a next step in the call flow.

New configuration option for queues 7:29

Call Tracking update

To accommodate Apple's recent changes to user privacy options, Google has stopped issuing Google Click Identifiers (GCLIDS) for ad clicks in Safari and Google apps on iOS 14 devices. They have been replaced with click IDs (“gbraid” and “wbraid”) which track groups of users in aggregate instead of individually. This update applies solely to visitors who interact with your site via iPhone, and only if they have enabled Apple's new privacy features.

These clicks will be attributed to Google Ads in your reporting, and tracking numbers set to display for Google Ads-based visitors to your site will still swap as normal.

These new click IDs will be seen on the timeline for calls and texts to a website pool, and form submissions. If you’re a seasoned CallRail user, you’re familiar with visitor-level tracking. For those new to CallRail, visitor-level tracking allows you to use a pool of numbers to match web sessions to callers so you know who called, what led them to your site, and what pages they visited, including any click IDs issued by Google Ads and other advertising platforms. This same visitor-level tracking powers the session tracking for our form submission tracking and Lead Center’s chat conversation tracking.

Integration and API updates

Integration alert emails

Integration alet emails update 7:29

We have added Integration Alert Emails to the Notification Center. Now, Administrators and Managers can subscribe themselves (and other users) to get emails when integrations fail or stay in a pending status for more than 24 hours.

To get started, go to the Notification Center in your account and set up a subscription. You can choose to receive alert emails for integrations in a single company, or for all companies in your account.

Integration alert update 7:29

Zapier legacy integration is sunsetting

On August 19, 2021, CallRail will be disabling our Zapier legacy integration in favor of our latest version, which was released in September 2020. Any Zapier users who have not migrated to the latest version of the integration will need to do so by August 19, 2021, which is when Zaps attached to the Legacy integration will cease to function.

To migrate your Zaps, please follow the steps outlined in our support documentation.

The latest version of our Zapier integration features numerous improvements, such as letting you select from multiple CallRail accounts, new fields such as Google Analytics ID, and a new Outbound Call Completed trigger. If you’re unsure of whether you’re using our legacy integration, log in to your Zapier account. The name of the legacy integration is “CallRail (Legacy)” and the logo is dark blue:

Zapier legacy integration update pt 1 7:29

If the integration you’re using reads “CallRail” — congratulations! You’re using our latest integration, and no action is needed.

Zapier legacy integration update pt 2 7:29

CallRail API v2 is sunsetting

On August 19, 2021, CallRail will disable our API v2, and API v3 will be the only available version of our API. API calls to all v2 endpoints will return a “410 - gone” response after that date. Please ensure your custom integrations are using API v3 by that date to avoid any disruption.

If you need to update, please follow the instructions in our support documentation.

Breaking changes to our webhooks

On September 21, 2021, CallRail will launch changes to the Webhooks integration. All current users need to update their Webhooks integration code before the launch date. Some ID fields from the Webhook payloads are being removed. After September 21, those fields will no longer be present in the Webhooks payloads.

The recommended replacements for these fields are already in the Webhook payloads and can be found in our support documentation. If you currently use and store any of the fields being removed, please migrate to their recommended replacements as soon as possible so your Webhooks integration will continue to function properly.

Updates to the Lead Center Android mobile app

You can now listen to call recordings and voicemails in the Android version of the Lead Center mobile app. You can see the total duration of the recording, and pause anytime as you listen to it. Look for these changes coming to the Lead Center mobile app for iOS soon!

LC Update 7:29


CallRail’s feature of the month: Notifications for calls, forms, and texts

You’re already using CallRail to track all your leads from calls, web form submissions, texts, and chats. Now what happens when a lead contacts you while you’re out on the road? You’re 100 times more likely to reach your prospect if you respond to them within five minutes versus 30 minutes, and 21 times more likely to qualify a lead if you call within five minutes. The more time that passes, the less likely you are to convert a lead into a customer.

CR Feature of the Month

Use our real-time notifications to get alerted via email or in your browser and never miss a lead. You can also choose to receive a phone call or a text message each time a lead submits a form on your website so you can stay in that magic five-minute window for response time.

New Voicemail Update 7:29

*example of a call notification email

Our notifications include key details like the lead’s contact information, their call recording, and the marketing source that brought them to you, so you can be prepared to tailor your response for each lead. You’ll also see their lead status if you use our Conversation Intelligence features, including their session information (like the PPC keyword the caller used to find you online) if you’re using visitor-level tracking.

If you use Lead Center to place your outbound calls, you’ll be able to track all the details of your lead responses, like who returned each call, the lead response time, and the outcome of the return call.

Don’t be afraid to fill up your inbox — you can customize the type of notifications you receive, such as only getting notifications for first-time callers, missed calls, and voicemails.

To get started, head over to the Notification Center to set up Call and Text Notifications and Form Submission Notifications.