Automate Call Distribution with Round Robin

Our newest call flow step, Round Robin, allows you to distribute calls evenly among your sales team, clients, or any group working under the same campaign, all through one of your call tracking phone numbers.

How to Create a Call Flow with the Round Robin Step

The Round Robin step in the Call Flow Builder lets you insert multiple destination numbers and route to them sequentially. Just add the destination numbers in the order that you want them to ring (you can add up to 10 phone numbers). Next, select the duration that you want each phone number to ring (you can choose 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60 seconds). If a call is received by the first destination number in the queue, and goes unanswered for a pre-set amount of time, the call will go to the second destination number, then the third. If none of the destination numbers in the Round Robin step answers the call, the call will proceed to the next step defined by the Call Flow Builder. You can also decide what you want to happen if the first destination number doesn’t answer.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Round Robin

  • Make sure your calls don’t go unanswered
  • Evenly route leads to your clients
  • Distribute calls evenly among your team