Why You’ll Love Our New Call Details Page

Making Your Job Easier

We understand that proving ROI is a pain point for our clients and marketers in general. According to HubSpot, one-quarter of marketers reported that their top challenge in 2013 was proving the ROI of their inbound marketing efforts. Understanding the full story behind what drives a consumer to call is key in tracking the full ROI behind your marketing efforts, that’s why we’ve made that process even easier with our updated Call Details page.

More Caller Details

Our updated caller details include more information on the touch points a caller had with your business, including the caller’s initial source and the date and time of their first call. We’ve also organized the information in a way that makes it easy to view the browser, operating system, and location of a caller in just one glance.

Deeper Insight into Visitor Sources

Now, you’re able to see a more in depth breakdown of your visitor’s sources, including the medium, match type, and device a visitor used when visiting your website. You’re also able to view multiple Variables, including the the UTM, Referring URL, and Landing Page URL Variables. We’ve also included the Full URLs of referrer and landing page links, allowing you to go straight to what landing page and referrer URL drove a visitor to call.

Outbound Calling in One Click

Our new call details page allows you to place outbound calls, making it easy to quickly and efficiently track the process of following up on leads.

Our updated Call Details page gives you deeper insight into the client behavior behind your phone calls, enabling you to prove and improve your marketing ROI with a fuller picture of what marketing channels drive conversions.