Cuts Advertising Budget with CallRail

CallRail Helps Home Renovation Supplier to Cut Advertising Budget 50% while Maintaining Superior Sales specializes in home renovation products delivered through retail eCommerce, sales to professionals and B2B sales to large retailers. The organization need to enhance the performance of its advertising spend to the retail side of the business, but it lacked needed perspective on the performance of campaigns that generated response to their call center. CallRail provided the visibility needed to dramatically reduce spend while actually maintaining the same level of sales for the business.

The Challenge

When David Gallmeier, Marketing and Development for, joined the organization, he saw some problems with how the organization was using Google Ads (formerly AdWords) to manage online sales. “It was a very difficult channel to manage at the time,” admitted Gallmeier. “There’s money to be made in Ads, but the challenge is separating the wheat from the chaff in terms of an effective keyword strategy. Originally, we were using a 6-digit alphanumeric code at the bottom of each page, and the integrity of our phone call tracking revolved around customer service representatives being able to extract that code from the customers as they were checking out. This was a very awkward solution in terms of workflow and not very intuitive for our primarily non-technical customer base. We were basically not effectively tracking phone responses. Our call center accounts for enough traffic that without knowing where sales are coming from, I just did not have the confidence to know what was converting.”

The CallRail Solution

Gallmeier reviews comprehensive analytics on all channels where spends advertising dollars. While he had embedded data tracking capability in the firm’s website to track leads coming from the web, CallRail provides the visibility he needed to fill in missing information by tracking inbound leads from the call center, allowing web developers to attribute phone calls to web sessions.

CallRail Impact

CallRail has contributed significantly to cutting Google Ads spend by 50 percent while still maintaining the same level of sales. The organization has also been able to pull under-performing products advertisements fromⓇ. This focuses marketing spend on products that deliver better financial performance.

“CallRail has really made the difference for us,” declared Gallmeier. “I now have a solid picture of sales, revenue and margin attribution. I no longer give underperforming advertisements the benefit of the doubt; I can just eliminate the expense. CallRail gives us the last piece of information we needed to make this happen. Now I can be very aggressive with bidding for Google.”

“CallRail helps us better understand our products, our customer interactions and what’s happening through our call center,” he continued. “Through that visibility, we can significantly boost the performance of every advertising dollar, while recapturing previously wasted spend to put back into our business.”