Know What Really Drives Conversions with Multichannel Attribution

View Which Interactions Leads to Conversions

Multichannel attribution might be one of the most used marketing buzzwords to date, but what’s beneath all the buzz? Marketers need to be able to see what leads to conversions, and not just the first interaction or last interaction – but every interaction in between. Multichannel attribution gives you complete data and allows you to better determine the full ROI of your marketing campaigns. With Google Analytics, and other marketing automation tools, you may be able to see what online activity leads to conversions, but how do you track offline activity like phone calls? CallRail gives you a few options that give you insight into all of the activity that leads to a conversions.

Multichannel Call Attribution with CallRail

With CallRail, you can view your attribution information through your Calls By Source report and through your Visitor Timeline for each caller.

Let’s say a visitor comes to your website through a Google Ads (formerly AdWords) advertisement. Two days later, they remember visiting your website and decide to visit again, this time finding your site by doing a Google Organic search. Five days later, they’re browsing the web and see your retargeting advertisement through AdRoll and visit your site through that link.

Before multichannel attribution, you would only see the first channel a visitor came through–in this case, Google Ads. Now, you can see that the caller first came through Ads, then came back through Google Organic, and finally, though AdRoll.

Reap the Benefits of Multichannel Attribution

  • Effectively measure which online marketing channels lead to offline call conversions.
  • Use the insight you’ve received from your multichannel attribution data to optimize current campaigns and plan cost-effective future campaigns.
  • Gain a complete view of client behavior, which will allow you to effectively create your marketing budget, and provide your internal and external clients with proof of successful marketing campaigns.

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