Mediabeast Shows How Automation Rules Can Save “Hundreds of Hours”

There’s plenty of aspirational talk these days on how small businesses can run lean, cost-effective operations, and MediaBeast walks the walk. A full-service digital marketing agency based out of Tampa, Florida, their small-but-mighty team serves a few dozen clients in industries ranging from home services and remodeling, to lawyers and used car dealers.

“We operate more like a close-knit group, like a family,” says Samantha Leppla, an account manager at MediaBeast. “We get to work on a lot of different aspects of any one project, so you really learn a lot doing this kind of work.”

From SEO to PPC to AdSense, MediaBeast’s team understands the need to juggle multiple responsibilities while also being willing to turn on a dime in order to best meet their client’s needs. And to be effective at this, MediaBeast had to make sure they were using the best tools for the job.

Leveraging an all-in-one call tracking solution

Much of MediaBeast’s work with their clients involves sales and customer service calls, which means they needed both a system for call attribution and a comprehensive toolset for reviewing and auditing previous calls. Right away, CallRail’s strong feature set made it the obvious choice.

When working with a client, MediaBeast’s account managers will first do a review of their call recordings to see whether callers are asking for a pricing quote, looking to set up an appointment, or just seeking more info about a particular service.

“And after listening to more calls and reviewing the relevant analytics in CallRail, we can figure out an optimal strategy for the client, whether that’s a web redesign, an ad buy, or something else,” Leppla explains. “CallRail is a critical part of what we do when we’re helping clients improve customer service, or properly source leads.”

A granular view with big-picture benefits

Thanks to the granular call stats they’re able to pull from CallRail, MediaBeast has empowered their clients to make comprehensive and meaningful improvements to their marketing strategies. “We can take a look at CallRail, and see that for a client, the bulk of their calls are coming in from 12:00pm – 2:00pm,” Leppla says. “Then, we can make sure our ad buys are as targeted as possible, so we’re taking advantage of the time when customers are making the most calls.”

CallRail’s toolset has been particularly useful in helping them run quality control and identify areas of improvement for their clients’ customer service teams. And thanks to MediaBeast’s comprehensive internal system for reviewing and grading recorded calls, they’ve helped dozens of their clients improve the customer experience, which translates to more sales and happier customers.

“The missed calls feature is also critical because a lot of our clients don’t even know they’re missing these calls until we can show them this data from CallRail,” Leppla says. “Because as we all know, a missed call could be a missed lead.”

Saving time with automatic lead qualification

As a longtime CallRail user, MediaBeast is always on the lookout for the next new feature that will give them an edge. (Especially when it comes to automation features that lighten their small team’s workload.) So when they heard that CallRail’s Automation Rules feature would allow them to automatically grade and classify calls, they knew they’d found a tool that was perfect for their business.

Since so much of MediaBeast’s day-to-day revolves around listening to call recordings, Automation Rules is helping to streamline how they process sales calls for clients. By setting their account to watch for certain specific keywords and phrases, CallRail’s machine-learning technology identifies whether specific phrases or words were spoken during a conversation, and then tag the call accordingly.

“Rather than having to jump in and listen to a 5-minute phone call, now we can glance at it and say, ‘OK, these are the two or three main things the caller was asking about,'” Leppla explains. “And now we know whether it’s appropriate to have their sales team follow up and whether this is a lead that’s likely to result in a sale for that client. It’s so convenient and easy to be able to see this information at a very high level, without having to dig through the calls.”

Indeed, Leppla and MediaBeast anticipate big benefits as they continue to use CallRail’s technology to automatically grade calls: “With Keyterms Spotted, for clients where we’re listening to all of their calls, we’re talking about potentially hundreds of hours of work saved as the months go on.”

Thanks to CallRail, MediaBeast is making clients happy and delivering results, all while working smarter, not harder. Learn how call tracking and Automation Rules can empower your business: Request a demo of CallRail or start your 14-day free trial.