How to measure email effectiveness

How to measure email effectiveness

Email effectiveness is a broad phrase to describe the way in which marketers define success for their email campaigns. Because “success” is in the eye of the marketer, this can mean various things. Most commonly, success is tied to the meeting of goals which is why it is so important to have clear goals for your email marketing campaign before you even begin working on strategy, execution and reporting. The goal for an email should be tied to the call to action and should be measurable as a way to determine effectiveness.

Should I measure opens or clicks?

A common goal that determines success in terms of email marketing are “opens” or “clicks” within the email. Because of the volume of emails that an individual receives on a daily basis, using clicks or click-through rate, is a superior measure for effectiveness. Emails in and of themselves shouldn’t be the backbone of your marketing campaigns, but rather a channel that helps support and influence your overall marketing goals. The email and the click within should be a step in your audience’s journey that leads to an impact in your organizations ROI.

Creating an effective email strategy

Questions to ask are:

  • Is my email catered to give my audience a personalized experience?
  • Where is this email leading my audience?
  • Is there a clearly defined journey for my audience to embark on once they open this email?
  • Do I have ways to track that my audience is taking the intended action once they click on the link in my email?

Next steps in email measurement

Click rates and open rates are a great step to start measuring email marketing effectiveness. Once campaign goals are defined and there’s a clear journey for your audience to take, it’s much easier to distinguish the areas in which email can fit to meet your overall marketing goals. Comparing the open and click rates between emails can help to identify themes and topics that are resonating with your audience. AB testing subject lines and images can also help to determine how much your audience is engaging and ways to optimize your email marketing.

Tracking and attribution of all channels are key to marketing

Effective tracking is the only way to measure the success of your marketing efforts. As mentioned, email metrics is only one way in which sophisticated marketers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Call tracking can help marketers measure the parts of the marketing journey after the email. CallRail is also a powerful tool to ensure marketing goals are being met and provides insight into the ways marketers can optimize and improve.

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