Top 4 reasons digital marketing agencies love CallRail

At the top of any marketer's priority list is accurate data and conversion metrics. After all, data is how they can prove the value of their marketing efforts to their clients.

That means that seeing what's profitable, working, and failing is at the top of their priority list.

A big part of that is prioritizing their marketing efforts to leads generated and ultimately impacting their client's bottom line.

While sources like Google Analytics and their client's CRM are great sources for getting a pulse on their marketing efforts, it doesn't show the full picture.

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Chances are they're not able to see the leads who called instead of filling out a form, the ads they saw, or which keyword they searched.

Wouldn't it be more beneficial to have this marketing intelligence integrated into one place so you can get the full story? And wouldn't this information help you make better decisions for your clients, leading to happier clients and more revenue?

The good news is, there's one platform that can do this and more for your agency. Continue reading to learn why CallRail is the agency platform of choice to help them prove the ROI of the marketing efforts.

A better view of their top-performing campaigns

By adding a snippet of Javascript code to client's websites, agencies get the one thing they prize the most — insights into their clients' customer journey from the first touch to the last. And just like that, agencies can quickly identify which parts of their marketing strategy are successful and which areas should be cut completely.

That's because that snippet of Javascript code allows agencies to tie back every lead they've generated for their clients by source, keyword, and ad campaign — all in one place. This is something that Google Analytics can't do, but which can be accomplished with CallRail's integration.

Since they have more insights into their client's marketing performance, agencies can better allocate their client's marketing dollars to the top-performing areas. Not only that, but the increased visibility allows agencies to build better and stronger client relationships by enabling them to prove the ROI they're generating from their efforts.

Reasons Agencies love CR graphics

Unlocks the full customer journey

Understanding how customers move through the sales funnels helps agencies develop better marketing strategies that accelerate pipeline and drive revenue for their clients. And ultimately, it keeps clients happier and around longer.

To properly tackle this challenge, agencies need to track leads accurately. Lead generation forms or contact forms are the most common types of lead conversion because they're easy to track. But, CallRail Form Tracking takes forms to the next level.

For one, Form Tracking connects all of your client's phone and form leads, including call recordings and transcriptions, into one seamless timeline — unlocking the full customer journey at a glance. Yes, online and offline touchpoints under one view. Form Tracking also allows your client to view the entire contact history, so they have all the information they need before talking to the lead.

Even more, Form Tracking comes with a unique feature: Quick Response. It isn't just a notification — it instantly calls or texts new lead details, no matter where your clients are. So when an influx of leads comes in, clients don't have to lift a finger.

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Improves lead scoring and provides actionable customer insights

Most call tracking providers out there offer some form of lead scoring. Usually, after a call, you have an option to mark a lead as "good" or "poor" or something along those lines. With CallRail, you can do this easily, ensuring that qualified leads are being pushed to your 3rd party integrations like HubSpot or Mailchimp (check out our full list of pre-built integrations here).

What sets CallRail apart is its unique Automation Rules feature. With this tool, you can specify which keywords should be used to measure success within a call. Better yet, you don't even have to set it up manually. You can pick from a list of customizable templates that you can set up specifically for your clients. You can even select templates based on the industry!

But the best part of Conversation Intelligence is the actionable insights it delivers to your fingertips that can help you fine-tune your client's ad campaigns — both in-flight and future ones. Here's how.

Conversation Intelligence automatically records your client's calls and uses artificial intelligence to transcribe them automatically, then highlights commonly used phrases in your client's calls. You can then view them via word clouds or bar charts. These insights can help you dial in which keywords generate the best leads, uncover new keyword opportunities, and even help you refine your client's brand messaging to better connect with prospects and customers.

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Integrations that allows you to work the way your clients work

As an agency marketer yourself, you know how valuable data is in proving your work's value to your clients. What's so great about CallRail is that it has excellent integrations for some of the most popular apps, and it even makes reporting a breeze.

That means no more having to upsell a new tool to your client or spending long hours onboarding them. CallRail works with the tools they already love — sans getting the development team involved. Here's a look at some of the top integrations CallRail has:


WordPress is one of the most popular sites to build a blog or a website, so it's not surprising that CallRail integrates with them. According to our 2021 Digital Marketing Agency Outlook, WordPress is pretty popular with agencies, as 85% use WordPress as a part of their marketing and campaign toolset. Together, CallRail can allow greater insight and full functionality into visitor-level tracking technology.

Along with CallRail's DNI (dynamic number insertion), each website visitor has a different tracking number, giving you insights into how visitors navigate your client's website. As a result, CallRail enhances the data you're already tracking with each visitor's session — down to the PPC keywords they searched.


Another popular tool amongst agencies is Mailchimp. Of the agencies we surveyed, 62% use Mailchimp to manage their email campaigns. When integrated, CallRail can provide comprehensive email statistics that help agencies guide their client's email marketing initiatives. They can see what campaigns are driving leads and intensive data on each person who clicks their emails.


The world's leading inbound marketing and sales platform integrates beautifully with CallRail. Of the agencies we surveyed, 34% use HubSpot for their messaging.

With CallRail, agencies can view phone calls within Hubspot and have automatic records created for each phone lead they generate. They can even create highly relevant workflows based on each caller's experience. For example, if a visitor viewed a specific page and then called, CallRail can send a customized email with content tailored to customers and prospects based on what they're interested in.

Want to see the full list of integrations? Check them out here.


Stop your clients from second-guessing if your marketing is working and show them it is with CallRail. It provides your agency with more insight, clarity, and intelligence to build smarter marketing campaigns for your clients. When you have the proper marketing and analytics tools on your side, you're more than just another agency for clients — you become a strategic partner by giving clients a better view of their agency investment spend. Here's a look at why your peers are tapping into CallRail today.

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This blog was originally published in 2017 and has been updated