Three Ways to Incorporate Call Tracking Phone Numbers into Your Marketing Strategy

Your prospects aren’t limited to only viewing your website, so why should your call tracking phone numbers be? Using call tracking phone numbers in all marketing campaigns increases the data your team has access to and can help optimize your future campaigns. Research from BIA Kelsey shows phone calls typically convert 10 to 15 times more than web leads. If you aren’t tracking phone calls on all of your campaigns, you are missing information that could change how you effectively market to your prospects. Let’s take a look at how call tracking phone numbers can be used in all of your marketing initiatives.

##Email Marketing

A robust, high quality prospect list is a marketer’s best friend. These people are interested in what you have to say and there’s only one thing better than that: converting them into customers. You can see if your prospects convert online through various tools and now, by implementing call tracking phone numbers in your emails, you’ll also be able to see which emails drive conversions via phone calls. Call tracking phone numbers used as a CTA can help drive recipients to call to schedule an appointment or to place an order, and you’ll be able to see which email campaign drove those conversions over the phone.

##Social Ads

We are living in a mobile world, and I am a mobile girl – or something like that, right? When your customers are using their mobile phones, either to search or for social, and see your ad, highly qualified leads can dial straight from the ad. Using call tracking phone numbers, you’ll be able to see which ads drive the most qualified and highest converting leads, giving you a better idea of where to direct your digital marketing budget.


Many man hours go into creating your print collateral. Messaging, design work, graphics, printers, etc., all this hard work should be measured and can be when using call tracking phone numbers. By assigning a unique phone number to the campaign and including it in the design up front, your team will be able to track how the flyer, magazine ad, or any printed collateral performed.

The days of using call tracking phone numbers only in your websites or landing pages are gone. With so many ways to reach prospects, marketers are adding call tracking phone numbers to all campaigns. Isn’t it time you do, too?

Did we leave out a campaign you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments.