Manage contacts in real time, while you're talking

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CallRail’s unified business communications solution relies on data. The more information available about an interaction with a customer or prospect, the deeper the insights you can glean about your business.

Through a combination of automatic record keeping and effortless classification tools, Lead Center is designed to make contact classification so easy it becomes second nature.

By empowering your team to seamlessly collect important customer data in real-time while they’re still on the phone with a lead, you can optimize lead management — and close more business.

Capturing leads the easy way

  • Seamlessly capture lead data. Lead Center automatically creates a detailed record every time your business interacts with a customer or prospect, inbound or outbound. Along with caller ID data and any notes or classification activities recorded by the agent, you can choose to save an audio recording of each call, or set your system to record every call by default.
  • Automatically maintain a contact database. Say goodbye to spreadsheets. By automatically tracking the details of your communications, Lead Center builds an electronic database of all of your contacts, which you can search by name or phone number.
  • Qualify leads in real time. Using Lead Center’s handy classification panel, agents can mark a prospect as “qualified” or “not qualified” with a single click — while still in the middle of a phone cal, text conversation, or live chat engagement. This way, you can prioritize time and resources by surfacing high-value prospects and isolating the marketing efforts that drew them to your business.
  • Tag conversations in real time. Using tags, one of our most versatile features, unlocks a wide array of benefits — our clients have leveraged the insights gained through judicious use of tags to enhance everything from sales operations to quality assurance to personnel training.
  • Annotate conversations in real time. By recording notes on interactions, agents create a useful summary of every conversation and provide valuable context for the next step in the customer journey.
  • Assign a monetary value to conversations. Along with qualifying and tagging contacts, agents can assign a value to a conversation beforehand or afterward, helping you calculate the return on your marketing spend down to the penny, and allowing you to identify and prioritize high value opportunities.

By channeling your customer interactions into a single inbox, empowering your team to handle business from anywhere, and giving detailed context to every conversation, Lead Center gives you the power to take control of your communications.

Business communications as you know them are over. Bring yours into the modern age by starting a free trial of Lead Center.