CallRail Phone Numbers for Local Marketing

Get Closer to Your Customers

Marketing campaigns should be positioned in a way that resonates with your current and potential clients.To successfully market to local customers, build your local presence with geographically targeted advertising.
Implementing local call tracking phone numbers into your marketing campaign allows your company to communicate a local presence through geographically targeted advertising while giving you the tools to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

How to Use Local Numbers in Your Marketing Campaigns

Suppose you have a growing real estate brokerage and you would like to start a statewide marketing campaign while continuing to market in the community where your business was first established.

You may decide to use a commercial that will be aired on a statewide radio station, letting potential customers know that you have now expanded your coverage area, but you may also want to use a billboard advertisement in your community so customers know you will still be retaining your business there.

With CallRail, you can purchase local call tracking phone numbers throughout the US and Canada, and use one of those numbers on your nearby billboard. You can also use CallRail to purchase a toll-free number to use on your state-wide radio commercial.

When people call your CallRail tracking phone numbers, the calls will be forwarded to your business phone number and data surrounding the call, including what marketing channel the call came from, will be collected. You can then use the data from the calls to find out which marketing channels are working and answer your calls based on what location the caller is calling from.

Why Use Local Phone Numbers

  • Establish the local presence your company desires
  • Better target your marketing efforts geographically
  • Use your local phone numbers on newspaper advertisements, billboards, radio commercials and other marketing channels that go out to specific geographic locations
  • Get the best of both worlds by using local phone numbers while still having the option to use toll free numbers as well, enabling you to position yourself locally and nationally
  • Know which local advertising gets your phone to ring and use your marketing budget on what works

Establishing your local presence is easy with CallRail phone numbers!