Local SEO DNI Impact Study

CallRail is looking for a company with multiple business locations interested in implementing visitor tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) for each business location to participate in a professional study of DNI impact on Local SEO. We have partnered with renowned local search experts at Local SEO Guide, Andrew Shotland and Dan Leibson, to conduct the study.

The study will look at the effects on organic visibility of using session-tracking DNI for business locations. Below are the specifics on the study, how it will work, and what the company will receive in return for participation.

For any questions or inquiries about the study or if you’d like to participate, feel free to contact mark@callrail.com or fill out the form below the study description.

Background on the study:

Call tracking has seen growing adoption among local SEO marketers, despite confusion around the internet that persists about how to use it properly. From the very beginning of the company’s existence, CallRail has taken concerns about call tracking numbers used in local search seriously, both in its messaging and on the product development side. As more and more marketers adopt DNI for the purposes of SEO tracking, it’s important to make sure it has no impact for location based businesses and multi-location franchise organizations.

Despite increasing awareness of the conservative method of using a main line tracking number for tracking calls from directories and location-specific websites, javascript-driven DNI remains a concern among some local SEOs who worry that tracking numbers might ‘leak’ into the local data ecosystem and pollute NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) consistency. While we have never seen this happen for any of CallRail’s more than 50,000 businesses, we believe the local SEO community at large could benefit from a scientific approach to addressing this concern. We firmly believe that session-tracking numbers used in DNI does not impact organic local search visibility, but we want to be careful about this recommendation without solid proof.

For this reason we have worked with Local SEO Guide’s Andrew Shotland and Dan Leibson to conduct a scientific study of DNI’s impact on local visibility.

Citation Audit & Cleanup Program:

  • Local SEO Guide (LSG) will monitor the citation profile of the CallRail client participating in the case study. Before installing DNI on any location’s website, LSG will perform a citation audit of the participating locations for the baseline accuracy of their citation profile.

  • LSG will monitor that profile bi-weekly during the test in order to determine if anything has changed

  • If any phone number information changes to the call tracking numbers being used in the test LSG will work to change the affected business listing back to it’s correct info.

  • In return for study participation, LSG will perform citation optimization free of charge for up to 5 locations upon conclusion of the study. *Normally LSG would charge around $1,000 per location for a business with 5 locations to perform citation audit and optimization, making this a $5,000 value for study participation.

  • CallRail will provide all call tracking services and usage that is necessary to conduct the study free-of-charge for the participating businesses through completion of the study.

For any questions or inquiries about the study or if you’d like to participate, feel free to contact mark@callrail.com or fill out the form below.