Mission Control for small business leads

By combining call tracking analytics with robust contact center functionality, Lead Center gives you seamless, efficient communications management, designed specifically for small businesses.

A straightforward interface makes using Lead Center a breeze, and we’ll capture important data automatically, so your team can focus on what really matters: closing more business.

  • Customize call routing for a seamless customer experience. Create advanced call flows directly from your web browser — with features like custom greetings, interactive menus, responsive routing and more — to ensure that every call goes to the right team member.
  • Group agents into teams and manage availability. Group agents into teams based on job role, schedule, or whichever criteria make sense for you. And with agent availability settings, which update automatically, you can ensure that all calls are handled as quickly as possible.
  • Tackle customer service as a team with warm and cold transfers. Easily transfer calls to the most qualified team member to best serve your prospect or customer.
  • Stay on top of things with desktop notifications. When using the Lead Center web app on a desktop computer, notifications pop up when an inbound interaction comes in — even if the browser window is minimized or open to a different tab. This way, your team can make sure they don’t miss any opportunities, even when multitasking.
  • Make life easier with one-touch functionality. When it comes to leads, response time is money. Return calls and texts with a single tap, cutting down on response time and creating a convenient way to follow up.

By channeling your customer interactions into a single inbox, empowering your team to handle business from anywhere, and giving detailed context to every conversation, Lead Center gives you the power to take control of your communications.

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