Take, make, and transfer calls — without a phone

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CallRail's Lead Center is a unified business communications solution built for the challenges of today. As the way we do business evolves, and the workforce moves away from an office-centric employment model, work becomes a thing you do, not a place you go to.

To support today’s flexible teams, Lead Center is built around a VoIP phone system rather than traditional telephone hardware, allowing agents to keep up with their leads and customers wherever the job takes them.


A phone that works where you do

  • A key aspect of Lead Center’s virtual phone system is the decoupling of phone numbers and physical phones. Instead of having a desk phone tethered to the wall with a cord, Lead Center allows you to handle your business communications from your desktop PC, laptop, or mobile device — with a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • Take and make calls with your tracking numbers. In addition to the analytics capabilities provided by CallRail’s call tracking tools, Lead Center brings VoIP technology to the party, giving your team the power to take and make calls and texts directly from CallRail, using any of your CallRail tracking numbers.
  • Maintain professionalism and privacy. When using Lead Center from your mobile device, you can handle business calls and texts on your personal device without sharing your personal number.
  • Automatically capture lead data. Lead Center automatically creates a searchable database of your contacts and provides a detailed record of every interaction.
  • Work smarter with Smart Caller ID. Lead Center allows you to choose any of your CallRail call tracking numbers to serve as your outbound caller ID. But that’s not all. With Smart Caller ID, Lead Center remembers which tracking numbers you use with which customers. People are more likely to answer a call if they recognize the number, so Lead Center automatically sets your outbound caller ID to the number used during the most recent interaction with any given customer.
  • Use our native mobile app to handle business on the go. With iOS and Android mobile apps available to download in the near future, you get the power of Lead Center in the palm of your hand.

Even more ways to take control of your leads with Lead Center

By channeling your customer interactions into a single inbox, empowering your team to handle business from anywhere, and giving detailed context to every conversation, Lead Center gives you the power to take control of your communications.