How to manage call tracking in real-time and close more deals over the phone

Call tracking may seem like an investment: plant a bunch of seeds (in the form of call tracking numbers), wait a while, then reap some fruit (in the form of ROI and insights).

That is the case –– ROI and insights await. But they’re also available immediately.

One CallRail feature that customers sometimes overlook is Lead Center, which allows users to open up to a live call center-style dashboard and view calls and text messages as they come into their business.

lead center helps callrail customers to leverage call tracking in real time

How you use Lead Center can depend on your role within a company. We built this feature with both agents and managers in mind, but how these different users approach Lead Center tools can vary.

How agents manage call tracking with Lead Center

Inbound call agents are the primary, heavy users of Lead Center since they are answering phones and communicating with customers on a day-to-day basis.

Often, agents don’t feel like they have enough information about a lead before answering a sales call. As soon as a customer calls your tracking number, the Lead Center dashboard shows a full customer profile including their initial source, tracking number, and any other previous calls.

For example, a renovation company can see through their tracking number if a customer is calling about a kitchen redesign campaign or their newer custom homes services. This information gives you a head start knowing where a customer is in the sales funnel and saves you providing them with information they already know (or skipping information they don’t have!).

During or after the call, you can use Lead Center to add notes to keep track of a lead or existing customer’s needs. You can manually score a call as a lead or not a lead, if you’re not already using CallScore. And finally, you can mark calls as spam, edit caller tags, or add a dollar value.

Having all this information stored allows you to nurture your lead properly and build trust that you won’t start at square one with every additional call from that customer.

lead center helps callrail users with lead management

For outbound calling, you can use Lead Center as a Softphone to make calls or send text messages from your desktop that will show as sent from your phone.

One of our customers, Lawyer Connection, found Lead Center to be one of the more valuable assets in their CallRail account since it allowed them to sort incoming calls by channel, match leads with web or phone history, and offered softphone features for the individual law firms they manage.

How managers optimize call tracking with Lead Center

For managers, the main goal of Lead Center is employee training and growth. Salesforce research shows that 85 percent of customers report dissatisfaction with their phone experience. Having objective data saves you from guessing where the gaps are in training.

Managers can listen to live or recent calls. Use filters to find relevant calls by tracking number, agent, or tag.

filter calls in callrail's lead center

Each conversation has a visual of the call recording broken down by agent and customer. If you’ve enabled Transcriptions, you’ll also see a scrollable transcript with Key Terms Spotted highlighted.

managers use lead center to optimize customer experience

Clicking on any Key Terms Spotted will jump you to the part of the conversation that word was mentioned (in this example, “cost”).

keywords spotted callrail

Managers at Pacific Lifestyle Homes used Lead Center to see how leads were handled in their business.

“I was working with one of our team members, and you know when you look at the audio recording of a CallRail call, you can see how much a customer or client is speaking versus how much our salesperson or the person they’ve reached out to is speaking,” Bradford said. “We were able to identify that one of our team members was talking too much without letting the customers talk, and that was a great coaching opportunity.”

Having data-based feedback, instead of assumptions, is invaluable for managers and their teams when it comes to setting goals and tracking progress.

Lead Center can be an asset for agents and managers in your company with a lot of flexibility to fit your specific business.

Learn more about Lead Center and call analytics can improve your business: Request your no obligation demo of CallRail, or go ahead and start your 14-day free trial, no credit card needed.