Take control of your leads with Lead Center

Contacts and conversations within Lead Center

Managing your communications is about to get a whole lot easier

After months of beta testing and refinement, we’re thrilled to announce the Early Access launch of Lead Center, our new lead management and communications product. Now, in addition to tracking your calls, texts, forms, and live chat, you’ll be able to place and receive phone calls and text messages — and manage leads — directly from CallRail.

Lead Center was designed with small businesses in mind as an easy-to-use, unified business communications solution that helps you manage conversations and contacts from one single inbox.

  • Lead Center can work alongside your current phone system or replace it entirely (potentially saving you money).
  • As a cloud-based system, Lead Center can be accessed from a desktop PC, laptop, or smartphone — allowing your team to handle business wherever the job takes them.
  • Lead Center channels all of your inbound and outbound calls, texts, form submissions, and live chats into a single inbox.

Take control of your leads

For small businesses, response time is money. If you miss a call from a prospect, chances are you'll feel the impact on your bottom line. And with calls coming in from a variety of sources, and many teams away from the office and on the go, it can be a major challenge keeping up.

Some businesses turn to manual spreadsheet-based systems, which tend to be disjointed, labor-intensive, and disconnected from the big picture. All too often, these approaches sap resources while allowing valuable leads to slip through the cracks.

Enter Lead Center.

Consolidate your communications into a single inbox

At the heart of Lead Center lies its unified inbox. By consolidating your communications into a single place and grouping them into incoming, active, and recent sections, you can keep an eye on every conversation in real time, and prevent opportunities from slipping through the cracks.

  • In addition to the real-time functionality of Lead Center’s inbox, it also serves as an easy-to-navigate database that keeps track of every inbound and outbound call or text automatically, so you don’t have to.
  • Useful customer service tools — call monitoring, call queues, transferring, agent availability, and the like — empower your team to get every interaction to the right person quickly.
  • Simple contact classification tools allow agents to qualify, tag, and take notes on opportunities in real-time, while the prospect or customer is still on the line.

Handle business in the office or on the go

More and more businesses are leaving the office behind these days. Whether remote work is a temporary measure during the coronavirus pandemic or a more permanent approach to doing business in a changing world, the way you manage leads and keep up with customer interactions continues to have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Lead Center is accessible to your agents wherever they happen to be. You can log in using your web browser on a desktop PC or laptop, or download our native mobile app — coming soon for both iOS and Android systems — and seamlessly integrate with your smart phone. It's like having the power of a call center in your pocket.

  • Manage business calls and text from your personal mobile device without sharing your personal number.
  • Calls made to your CallRail tracking numbers will ring on your mobile devices.
  • Choose any of your CallRail tracking numbers as your outbound caller ID. When a customer receives the call, it will look like the call is coming from that tracking number.

Put every conversation in context

In addition to supporting your team wherever they are, Lead Center provides the tools you need to close more leads. Every time an agent interacts with a customer or prospect, they’ll see a detailed interaction timeline with a description of each instance that person has interacted with your business. Lead Center also provides agents with the ability to classify leads in real-time using an easy-to-use interface, providing more details about each conversation.

  • With a complete interaction history for each lead, along with notes and tags from previous conversations, reps can pick up the conversation where it was left off, rather than asking the customer to recount important details.
  • Agents are empowered by knowing exactly which step on the customer journey each prospect has reached — including which marketing source drove the call,text, form submission, and live chat. By having this information ahead of time, you can offer a more customized sales experience and tailor your approach to each conversation to best suit the context.

Never miss another opportunity

Good communication is good business. Every interaction represents an opportunity to connect with a prospect, close a sale, or keep a valuable customer happy. By channeling your customer interactions into a single inbox, empowering your team to handle business from anywhere, and giving detailed context to every conversation, Lead Center gives small businesses the power to take control of their communications.

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