Lead Center chat: Another way for customers to reach you

According to Zendesk, 85% of customers find live chat to be the most satisfying way of communicating with a business. That’s why it’s imperative that growing businesses capitalize on this and offer more ways for customers to reach them.

Now Lead Center live chat makes it easy for you to give your customers the answers they want. It also centralizes chat alongside your business’s calls, texts, and form submissions in a single inbox while helping you pinpoint the marketing that's driving them.

How Lead Center’s live chat works

LC Chat

Through CallRail's Lead Center, live chat provides an exceptional customer experience. All customer interactions are centralized into one unified inbox, increasing team efficiency and ensuring that all communications (calls, form submissions, texts, and chats) aren't being overlooked. And if you want to follow up with a customer once a chat conversation is over, you can contact them in one click, straight from Lead Center.

Our chat builder makes setup easy, so there's no hassle in getting up and running. CallRail will capture name, email, and/or phone number to trigger the chat within Lead Center. The universal tracking code ties all the calls, form submissions, texts, and chats back to the specific source, keyword, or campaign that drove them, helping you drive more qualified leads and save time categorizing customer interactions.


Chat transforms your communications

Now that Lead Center has chat, deploying an omnichannel communication strategy that allows you to deliver seamless customer experiences across every channel is easy. So, how can it exactly help you level up your customer communications? Let’s dive into the benefits.

Manage multiple channels from one inbox

It's extremely common to have leads and customer communications coming in from different channels. With Lead Center’s chat, you can now capture those valuable chats alongside your other communication channels, instead of having to jump back and forth. And since you can consolidate all your communications into one inbox, you can improve customer satisfaction — helping you close more deals. That’s because agents have visibility into previous conversations that allow them to pick up where another agent left off. Even more, with chat, your customers will have an additional channel to communicate with you and a seamless customer experience.

Tie marketing efforts back to your most qualified chat leads

Lead Center’s chat provides a deeper level of marketing data than other chat platforms. Once you copy and paste a single line of code on your website, chat then tracks each contact down to its marketing source — including keyword and campaign information. This helps you market smarter, focusing time and money on the strategies and tactics that produce opportunities for growth. And if you power up your Lead Center account with Conversation Intelligence, you qualify and classify your chat communications the same way you would with your calls.

Gain visibility into the entire customer journey

Many marketers rely on multiple tools and spreadsheets to gain a complete view of the customer journey — but it doesn't need to be that way. When you add chat functionality under the Lead Center umbrella, you’ll gain a comprehensive timeline for each contact. Then you can connect all your phone, form, and chat leads, including call recordings and transcriptions, into one unified hub.

Helping small businesses accelerate growth

Those benefits sound good, right? But that's not all. Not only does chat help streamline and optimize communications, but your business also enjoys other quantifiable benefits, such as improved ROI, reduced CPL, increased lead volume, and much more.

Ready to explore all chat has to offer? If you haven't tried Lead Center yet, all good! Try our free 14-day trial of Lead Center today to take a look at the new feature.