Know the context behind every conversation

call activity in CallRail's Lead center

When it comes to closing sales, information is power. Lead Center delivers that power by putting every conversation into context.

Whenever an agent interacts with a customer or prospect, they’ll see a detailed interaction timeline featuring each instance in which that person has interacted with your business, along with all the notes and tags recorded by team members during previous interactions. By providing this big-picture view, Lead Center drives relevant, effective conversations with useful context — beginning with the marketing source or keyword that drove the lead to your business.

The tools you need to close more leads

  • Get the details you need in a glance. The complete interaction record of anyone who engages with your business is automatically pulled up when they call or text — giving you a quick rundown of the person’s background before entering into the conversation. Plus, you’ll be able to see the agent the customer most recently interacted with for reference before or during the call.
  • Get visibility into the customer journey. In addition to the customer interaction timeline, Lead Center keeps track of the full customer journey — from the initial marketing source or search term they interacted with to the most recent landing page they visited before reaching out to your business, and every interaction in between. By understanding the journey that preceded the call or text, you can tailor each conversation to suit the individual.
  • Keep track of lead classification details. Included in the interaction history for each customer or prospect, you’ll find the qualification status, tags, and notes from every previous conversation— giving you a comprehensive view of their relationship to your business. Agents can pick up the conversation where it was left off, rather than wasting time asking the customer to recount important details.
  • Seamlessly capture lead data and call recordings. Lead Center automatically creates a detailed record every time your business interacts with a customer or prospect, inbound or outbound. Additionally, you can choose to save an audio recording of each call, or set your system to record every call by default.
  • Automatically maintain a contact database. Say goodbye to spreadsheets. By automatically tracking the details of your communications, Lead Center builds an electronic database of all your contacts, which you can search by name or phone number.

By channeling your customer interactions into a single inbox, empowering your team to handle business from anywhere, and giving detailed context to every conversation, Lead Center gives you the power to take control of your communications.

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