In the age of big data, having a clearer send of advertising ROI is crucial for marketers in any size organization. That’s where we come in – call tracking and analytics can help you figure out what marketing campaigns are driving valuable phone call leads and which are missing the mark. And with the added bonus of Conversation Intelligence, CallRail can advance your reporting even further down the path.

With the introduction of CallScore, CallScribe, and Keyword Spotting all within the last year, the CallRail team has made call analytics about more than just simply providing raw call data, but rather, helping our customers understand what’s truly happening in their phone call conversations. And the best part? They’ve saved hundreds of hours of manual call analysis.

That’s why today I’m so excited to announce the latest addition to CallRail: the Keywords Spotted Report. This new report will help our customers better understand what words and phrases typically result in a sale, and what is happening on phone call conversations at scale.

Deepen Your Customer Understanding

CallRail’s keyword spotting feature helps you identify specific keywords in order to categorize calls for automated, detailed analyses of your conversations. This feature is great at helping you determine whether a call resulted in a conversion, any products/services purchased by that customer, and then syncing that data directly to your analytics platform. But while this information was extremely beneficial to our users, it was really only helpful at the individual call level – until now.

CallRail’s new Keywords Spotted Report helps you identify conversation trends across all of your phone calls. It helps you eliminate manual reporting, so you can scale call intelligence across all of your campaigns. This report will show you which keywords are mentioned the most in conversation, whether they are spoken by the agent or the caller, and how those words or phrases impact overall lead quality.

Put Conversation Intelligence to Work

We’ve made these updates to our reporting so you can see exactly what is happening on both sides of your phone calls, and how that impacts conversion over the phone. This type of data is crucial to helping you improve your marketing, call handling, and business growth.

  • Discover what your leads are saying. The Keywords Spotted Report will show you not only how many calls mentioned specific words or phrases, but more importantly how many of those were marked as leads. This can help you understand what your most valuable callers are asking about, and how you can improve marketing messaging.
  • Monitor your agent’s performance. One of the key features of this new report is the ability to filter by both agent and caller. You can determine whether agents are adhering a specific script, or missing a mark on your messaging once they pick up the phone.
  • Turn more callers into customers. Identifying what is being said on conversations can help you measure the success of your campaigns, detect trends, and quickly apply your learnings. Stop bad ad spending before it happens, and convert more inbound callers into paying customers.

Ready to get started with keyword spotting? Read our help documentation about Conversation Intelligence or start your free 14-day trial today!

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