View Which Keywords Drive Calls from Mobile Search

CallRail’s new Google Ads (AdWords) Mobile Click-to-Call integration offers customers the ability to track calls from call extensions at the keyword level.

By 2018, mobile search is projected to generate 73 billion calls to businesses. Google’s reaction to the influx of mobile-dependent consumers has been to release campaign features like click-to-call and call-only ads designed for search marketers to reach these consumers while they are on the go.

But one factor missing in this picture is an understanding of what drove the clicks that ultimately led to a call from a mobile device, leaving search marketers with an integral piece of the puzzle they can’t fill. If you’re using Google Ads as part of your paid campaign strategy, you’re likely interested in more than just how many clicks and calls a Google ad is driving—you want to know which keywords are driving those actions.

Our Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call integration uncovers the missing piece of your click-to-call optimization strategy: keyword data.

Keyword Data for all of your Google PPC Ads

You’ve always been able to use our Google Ads integration to view keyword data from PPC calls, but with our new integration you can view keyword data from call-only and call extensions ads on mobile devices. This means you get 100% attribution from all of your Google PPC ads with CallRail.

Google Ads shows you how many clicks an ad received, as well as the campaign and keyword ad group associated with the clicks. However, you’ll still be missing the actual keyword that drove the specific call.

Another added benefit of using CallRail’s integration is seeing if clicks ultimately result in phone calls, since Google’s solution only gives you insight into clicks. This also means access to features like call recording and call duration reports that enable you to see if the leads that are calling are qualified and turning into customers.

You can’t view 100% of keyword data for all of your PPC ads with Google – but you can with CallRail.

Google AdWords Mobile Click-to-Call

Start Viewing Keyword Data

Plus, unlike other call tracking mobile click-to-call integrations, CallRail uses a direct connection to Google Ads API, providing the most accurate data as to which keywords are actually driving calls.

Once you enable CallRail’s Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call integration you’ll be able to see keyword data in multiple places in the CallRail app, including:

Additionally, in our newest version of the Mobile Click-to-Call integration, CallRail will automatically report calls to mobile click-to-call and call-only extensions as conversions directly in your Google Ads account. Simply turn off Call Reporting in your Google Ads account, turn on conversion reporting in our Mobile Click-to-Call integration, and CallRail will do the rest.

Our integrations is easy to set up, so you can start getting keyword data quickly and optimize your campaigns based on the keywords that are actually driving calls.

Ready to start receiving full PPC attribution with CallRail? CallRail’s new Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call Integration is available for all CallRail customers. Check out our support document and activate the integration today.