PPC advertising in Google Ads (formerly AdWords) can often feel like a guessing game in which you’re made to gamble with your marketing budget. In order to make the most out of your ad dollars, you’ll first need to understand what users are searching for so you can refine your ad targeting and make your campaigns more effective.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go at it blindly: CallRail’s Keyword Spotting and Call Highlights features can help you figure out what kinds of search keywords are driving calls to your business, so you can ensure your PPC budget is serving ads to a relevant and motivated audience.

With CallScribe activated, you can identify critical words and phrases that may have surfaced when bidding on PPC keywords. From there, Keyword Spotting enables you to predefine a set of words or phrases you want CallRail to identify in your calls, while Call Highlights will simultaneously highlight any relevant and actionable keywords or phrases.

With the power of Keyword Spotting and Call Highlights, you’ll have the data you need to effectively bid on keywords and reach your audience, no matter whether how broad or precise(or anywhere in between).

If you’re a savvy digital marketer, you’re likely already familiar with Google’s classic “women’s hats” keyword match type explanation. If not, check out the guide below for an abbreviated breakdown of the different categories of PPC keywords you can bid on, and how best to leverage your call tracking data to maximize the effectiveness of your Ads campaigns.


Pros Cons
Broad Match Modifier • Reach of Broad Match with more
control around what searches trigger
your ads• Allows you to “lock” a certain word
so that Google will only display your
ad when that word appears• Search can be in any order, but that
one word must be included
• Must know what your target
audience is searching for (pro
tip: Keyword Spotting and
Call Highlights can help)
Phrase Match • Ability to customize the exact
keywords that need to be searched for• Flexibility to have your ad appear when
additional words are added at the
beginning or end of the query
• Query must be in the exact
order you’ve set
Exact Match • Total control around when your ads will
will show up: only when the exact
keyword phrase is searched• “Close Variant Matching” will now trigger
your ads, despite misspellings and
• Least amount of reach

Looking to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using call tracking in tandem with your PPC campaigns? Head over to CallRail’s Community forum to glean insights from other data-driven marketers.

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