How to Optimize Your Content With Automation Rules Insights

As part of the UX team at CallRail, I work with content writers to create and maintain CallRail’s support documentation. Each day, I pull reports on the topics customers search for on our Help Center. When looking at these reports, my goal is to understand how people talk about CallRail and call tracking:

  • Which words and phrases do people use when looking for more information on CallRail?
  • What kind of features or functionalities do our customers want?
  • Where can we improve our help documentation so that setting up a CallRail account is painless?

While the information I gained from these reports provided a foundation for the content decisions we were making, I found myself missing a critical piece of the puzzle: What about the customers who skip the Help Center and talk with our Support team on the phone?

The Rise of the Machine

Machine learning technology is a hot topic right now, and rightfully so. These emerging AI tools promise to automate our daily tasks so that we have time to focus on other areas of our jobs. A Google Marketing and Measurement survey released in November 2017 touts the advantages of putting these tools to work for your company, with 81% of leading marketers agreeing that machine learning will be critical to providing a better, more personalized consumer journey.

So how could we provide exceptional user experiences for our customers, including those who prefer to talk on the phone instead of searching our website? Sitting at my desk and listening to call recordings at random wasn’t an ideal way to answer that question. I needed something that worked fast, required little-to-no oversight, and provided me with data I didn’t have to second-guess. Lucky for me, I work for a company that had already built exactly what I needed.

CallRail’s Automation Rules feature helps me answer questions about the content we should write, and so much more. Using machine learning technology, Automation Rules finds and pinpoints keywords and phrases within any recorded call, and makes them available almost immediately after a call ends. When I’m ready to view the calls that match the topics I want to learn more about, I then use CallRail’s Automation Rules report to find and listen to those exact conversations.

Automation Rules Bridges the Gap

With Zendesk Insights and Google Analytics providing the key terms and trending topics for which our customers searched, I created Automation Rules sets that targeted the topics customers researched most often on our Help Center. The entire process took only a few minutes to set up — here’s an example of one of the keyword sets I use to learn more about how customers use CallRail’s API:

This setup allows me to target any inbound call to CallRail’s sales or support team where anyone (caller or agent) said “API,” “webhooks,” “webhook,” or “API key.” As soon as CallRail's Transcriptions spot any of these keywords, it automatically tags the call on my call log as “API/Webhooks.” I then have immediate access to listen to any new call where there was a conversation about CallRail’s API or webhooks.

I can even skip right to the exact second in the conversation where the caller or agent began to talk about the key terms I’m targeting:

Cold, Hard Data for Informed Content Decisions

Now that we’ve collected several months’ worth of Automation Rules data, the strategy behind our content is becoming more thoughtful and relevant to the exact things our customers want to talk about. Using the Key Terms Spotted report, I’m able to see trends in what our customers are asking about, and even differentiate between the type of customer asking questions about CallRail’s capabilities:

For example, if I find that our Sales team talks about CallRail’s API more often than our Support team does, I can use that information to create content about our API that empowers our sales reps. Or, if our Support team is fielding an unusual amount of calls about our API, then I can make sure we update our API docs for increased clarity.

What Do You Want to Talk About?

The entire Content team at CallRail works together to ensure that the content we create is honest and transparent. We want to give you everything you need to get started in your account, set up advanced features, and answer questions about your marketing campaigns. What’s most important to us is that we’re a helpful resource that makes your job easier.

With the help of CallRail’s Automation Rules feature, we optimize the content we create for our customers. And the results have been truly eye-opening — not only have we seen a steady decrease in the amount of time users spend on CallRail’s Help Center, we’ve also seen a decrease in the bounce rates for specific articles. We’ve made decisions to rewrite and separate articles to make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ve changed the topics we feature most prominently at the top of our Help Center.

And we made these decisions with the utmost confidence because we harnessed the power of the conversations we have every day with our most valuable team members: Our customers!