Get Your Data Faster with Keypad Scoring

When you’re taking business calls, it can be overwhelming to remember important details about the customers you speak with, especially if your company’s call volume is high. If your job requires you to travel for work, keeping up with customers and sales calls can seem like an even more difficult task. You have all this information you’re supposed to remember every day, and your team members depend on you to communicate it effectively. How are you supposed to manage it all?

Consider Keypad Scoring Your Magic Remedy

We’re excited to announce a new feature that alleviates the stress of remembering important details about your callers: Keypad Scoring. When you activate Keypad Scoring in the companies in your account, you can enter specific details about callers as soon as the call ends. These details include:

  • Classifying the call as a good lead using the lead classification feature.
  • Applying a specific call tag to categorize the caller or the conversation.

As soon as the call ends, you’re able to press the “*” key on your telephone’s keypad to interact with the prompts that apply call tags and a lead status to your call. If the caller hangs up before you have a chance to press the star key, you’ll also hear prompts to classify and tag the call. The caller never hears these messages – only the person who answered the call.

Quick Insight for Your Entire Team

Keypad Scoring is a separate feature from lead classification; however, the two work in unison to make your data stronger. Once you’ve scored a call as a good lead in your post-call survey, your Lead Funnel report will update to build an accurate depiction of how your website visitors become callers, and how your callers become conversions.

CallRail’s call tag feature is also a major component of Keypad Scoring. Applying call tags through the post-call survey allows you to categorize your calls so you receive immediate context about the conversations happening with your customers without having to review each call. You can also use your call tags to send certain information to your third-party CRMs, keeping your entire team up-to-date, no matter where you are.


Are You Ready to Put the Puzzle Pieces Together?

Each customer calling your business has a purpose. With Keypad Scoring, those contextual details about your callers not only build your data to be concise and granular, they also ensure that your customers receive the best level of customer service no matter who they speak to at your company. And the best part is – you don’t even need to be near a computer or logged into CallRail in order to communicate these important details to your team.

Check out this handy guide on setting up a company in your account for Keypad Scoring.

Already got your leads and tags figured out? Read our support article to learn how to turn on Keypad Scoring.