Introducing CallRail's Lead Center

If you’ve logged into your CallRail account recently you might have noticed the Copilot icon is missing. Don’t worry – all of that valuable in-depth information about your inbound leads isn’t going anywhere, nor is outbound dialing or the CallRail softphone.

What we heard most often from users was that the data inside Copilot was primarily useful to those team members that are actively answering the phone and managing leads – think sales associates, receptionists, and customer support teams. That same useful data, however, was hidden amongst CallRail’s core feature set.

That’s why we just rolled out some big improvements to CallRail that empower these same users with simpler access to the insights that help convert inbound phone, text, and form leads into sales while improving customer service and lead visibility.

Introducing Lead Center

In place of the old Copilot icon, you’ll now notice a button on the right side of the CallRail screen that says “Lead Center.” Lead Center is CallRail’s unified business communications solution that gives your sales and support teams access to all the previous functionality of Copilot – and then some.

Lead Center provides your sales and support teams the benefits of call center functionality and valuable real-time insights within a defined interface, distinct from your reporting and analytics. Accessing Lead Center from within the CallRail app will open up a new tab, focused specifically on responding to contacts via phone calls (inbound and out), texts, form submissions, and live chat.

Improve agent performance and increase sales

Simplifying your inbound and outbound contact management is key to improving conversations and closing more deals. We created Lead Center to help make your agents’ lives easier, by making inbound and outbound contact management as straightforward as possible. With access to softphone, text messaging, forms, live chat, and real-time contaact insights, your agents will never an opportunity again.

Lead Center is the perfect tool for sales and support teams who rely on calls, texts, form submissions, and chats to close new sales and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Lead Center gives your agents access to:

  • Real-time, in-depth caller information – Tailor conversations with access to a lead’s originating marketing source and any previous website or call activity using visitor-level tracking.
  • Text messaging – SMS messaging within Lead Center lets you follow-up with inbound leads rapidly and convert more sales.
  • Live call monitoring – Select which users can listen to calls in real-time for quality and training purposes. Available for accounts on the Pro Plan or higher.
  • Softphone – Use our powerful, browser-based phone to make and take calls placed to your CallRail tracking numbers directly alongside the visitor timeline.
  • Outbound dialing – Use your CallRail tracking numbers to track and record outbound calls.
  • Conversation Intelligence – Agents can assign notes, tags, call values, and lead scores directly to the current call for reporting purposes.

Have you had a chance to check out Lead Center? Let us know what you think – we’d love to hear your stories on how your team uses Lead Center and the meaningful insights that come with it.

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