Introducing CallRail’s new Direct to Google Ads Integration

Integrating with Google Ads allows you to track calls as conversions giving you full visibility into your PPC campaigns. In the past, CallRail users have pushed phone call conversions into their Google Ads accounts through Google Analytics. But today, that all changes.

We’re excited to announce a major update to our Google Ads integration. CallRail can now integrate directly with Google Ads. Our new Google Ads call tracking integration makes it easier than ever to discover which PPC search keywords and campaigns are driving inbound calls.

Optimize attribution and conversion tracking with our Google Ads integration

Using Google’s Offline Conversion API, CallRail can send call conversions in real-time directly to your Google Ads account. This helps marketers avoid many of the complexities and discrepancies they face when integrating via Google Analytics.

  • Real-time call conversion reporting. Our new direct connection to the AdWords API bypasses Google Analytics, sending your call conversions in real-time. No more delays for call conversion reporting.

  • Avoid call conversion deduplication. This is great news for marketers who manage websites with multiple locations or listings – you can now receive credit for every phone call conversion from a user’s single session.

  • Full PPC phone call attribution. Google Analytics utilizes last non-direct click attribution by default when passing call conversions into Google Ads. For example, let’s say a visitor comes to your website via PPC, but returns the next day via an organic search and makes a phone call. Analytics will attribute this call to organic, but Google Ads can be configured to attribute the conversion to the originating Google Ads campaign.

  • Match a phone call to the right advertising costs. Google Ads reports conversions against the date and time of the click that led to the phone call. This helps you better match the value generated from your phone calls to the actual PPC cost it is associated with.

Seamlessly link CallRail + Google Ads

Although you’ll no longer need to integrate with Google Analytics, you will still need to use keyword level tracking to view call conversions within Google Ads. Our expanded Google Ads integration will still be available at the company-level within your account.

Setting up CallRail’s direct connection to Google Ads is a simple 2-step process. From within a CallRail company’s settings, navigate to the Integrations page and select Activate on the Google Ads integration. From there:

  1. Select “Authorize” and choose the Google account you’d like to associate with this integration.
  2. Once authorized, select the specific AdWords account you’d like to use.

That’s it! You’re ready to start tracking calls from PPC campaigns directly within AdWords. All attribution and call conversion deduplication settings can be set from directly within your AdWords account.

For more information on CallRail’s Google Ads integration read our support article. Not a CallRail customer? Start your 14-day free trial today.