Meet the Newest Addition to Conversation Intelligence: Introducing Call Highlights

A solid understanding of what happens during phone conversations is fundamental for reaching marketing or departmental goals. CallRail alleviates much of this frustration by providing predefined keywords via Automation Rules. While this is a game-changer when it comes to categorizing and scoring calls, it is only as effective as the words or phrases you know to look for. Our new Conversation Intelligence feature, Call Highlights, enhances this process by automatically recommending keywords, simultaneously aggregating the most important elements of the conversation, all in one centralized location.

With Transcriptions in place, Call Highlights utilizes detailed call transcriptions to automatically bring relevant, topical keywords and phrases to the forefront.

Call Highlights

As Automation Rules automatically collects your defined custom key terms, Call Highlights is intelligently recommending relevant and powerful keywords and phrases that are not set up in Automation Rules. With no setup required, it is now even easier to bridge the keyword gap and pinpoint with accuracy what is making your phone ring.

Call Highlights will detect keywords and phrases that are meaningful to your business and marketing goals, that may not have been considered when setting up Automation Rules. For example: competitor names, features or products, plan comparison, source that drove lead, recommended words to add to a call script, etc. This enables you to better target your ideal customer or business, uncovering valuable insights automatically without having to listen to thousands of phone calls.

Using your highlights

  • Improve automation rules analysis with no setup required
  • Identify relevant key terms or phrases you should be tracking regarding certain sources, integrations, features, amenities, or competitors based on your marketing goals (for example: ‘Bluetooth’, ‘emergency assistance’, ‘PPC’, etc)
  • Understand effectiveness of pricing models
  • Maximize ad spend and gain a better understanding of what ads are converting, and which ones aren’t to make better marketing decisions
  • Enhance customer experience and ensure team is consistent with talk tracks

Finding your highlights

Highlights can be found along with your spotted keywords in your caller timeline view and email notifications, as well as in API, webhooks, and CSV for easy importing, exporting, and reporting capabilities.

Email notification improvements!

With the release of Call Highlights, CallRail has also improved the transcription included in the email notification to reflect the longest (and proven to be most relevant) portion of the call. This gives users an at-a-glance view of the most significant elements of the conversation.  Spotted keywords and, now, Call Highlights will be included in the email notification sent after the call.

To get started with Call Highlights, activate Transcriptions in your account or sign up for a 14-day free trial!