Integrating CallRail with HubSpot for Focused Ad Spend

When Red Reef Digital  shared a post on how they’ve been using CallRail and HubSpot to get a better understanding of their marketing ROI, it got our attention. So we asked them how the integration was helping the agency and their clients, and we’re excited to share what they said.

Red Reef main focus is marketing and digital consulting for businesses. Though the agency is still young, it has experienced steady growth while serving a wide range of businesses across the nation, from small local businesses to billion dollar global brands.

When it came time to prove and improve marketing ads that included phone numbers as a call to action, Red Reef started researching call analytics providers. One of the most important features on their “must have” list was a seamless integration with HubSpot, since the agency is a HubSpot certified partner.

“CallRail was our first choice for call tracking due to its powerful features, ease of use, and integration with other systems like HubSpot. We also liked how it could be white labeled for our clients so that we could present ourselves as a highly capable firm,” said Sean Tibor, Founder and Principal Consultant at Red Reef.

Many of the call analytics providers offered integrations, and some of them even integrated with HubSpot, but CallRail’s full set of features coupled with the HubSpot integration is what stood out to Red Reef. They’ve had success using tools like call flow builder to better manage their calls.

“Before CallRail, my leading client had a cell phone with her vanity number sitting in a drawer. She would forward calls to a single sales rep to answer. She had no way of knowing where the calls were coming from, and she could only update the routing if she had the phone nearby,” said Tibor. “Call tracking provides our small clients with richer insights into the sources of their calls and allows them an opportunity to improve their customer service levels through call flows and call routing.

Using CallRail and HubSpot


For Red Reef, the most important aspect of integrating CallRail with HubSpot is to ensure they are capturing data about every incoming phone lead and tracking the progress of those leads through HubSpot. In addition, the ability to link web visits and phone calls at the cookie level with HubSpot has helped their clients’ sales and marketing teams get a better understanding of the true path of a potential customer prior to purchase.
They use call to action buttons to create click-to-call buttons they can track for their clients in both Google Analytics and HubSpot. This way, they can validate the call to action clicks from HubSpot against the number of incoming calls. It’s useful validation and can also be used to better understand the number of calls abandoned before the first ring.

Seeing Success in Numbers

Red Reef recently shared an experience they had with one client, a legal services firm, who was focusing marketing efforts on paid programs.

The client was spending the majority of his marketing budget on Google Ads (formerly Adwords) paid advertisements and had set up Google Ad Extensions for phone calls. These have proven to be highly effective for him, resulting in a steady stream of clients through both email and phone inquiries. He can see how these leads have come in thanks to Ads conversion tracking measures, but he was lacking the same insights on his organic search, legal directory listings, and local reviews sites like Yelp.

Thanks to the tracking numbers Red Reef set up on his website and directory listings, he’s been able to discover that more than 40% of his incoming calls were due to his site’s strong SEO presence on Google and Bing. Only 10% of his calls were coming directly from paid search listings, causing him to shift more of his marketing effort towards more SEO-friendly content and online reviews.


The insights and savings don’t stop there. They’ve also seen an increase in First Time Callers for one of their key clients. The metric, which is crucial in call tracking because it shows new leads driven by marketing campaigns, has risen from 35% into 50% in just two months after implementation and focus on ads that are actually driving high converting calls.

Ready to start focusing your ad spend on what’s actually converting and proving and improving your marketing ROI?  Get to know more about our HubSpot integration, here. Then sign up for a demo and start tracking, today!