Marketing Firm Saves Client $50,000 Annually through Call Analytics

Innovative Agency that Built its Own Call Tracking Platform Still Realizes More Value and Performance through CallRail Solution.

Inbound marketing firm, Inflow, was focusing on eCommerce, SEO and conversion optimization, but needed more visibility into their clients’ campaigns. Analytics are king, but all too often the current capabilities of online analytics are lacking. Through top notch technology and tracking, CallRail helped this organization to gain greater insight into their marketing efforts, refocusing their campaigns into even tighter and more productive client performance.

The Challenge

Mike Belasco, President and CEO of Inflow, understood the importance of refining his firm’s visibility into their clients’ campaigns. “Right now, the web is behind in tracking sophisticated things, such as cross-device tracking,” he shared. “Any time we can get a piece of the puzzle, that’s significant for relatively low cost, that further closes the tracking gap, then we go for it.”

For Belasco, one of the missing pieces was an effective solution for call tracking. After reviewing several underperforming options, he decided to develop a call tracking program internally. However he was not satisfied with the end result. “We’re not a software company,” he explained. “Our solution was difficult to maintain, and was not as feature-rich as we hoped.”

Mike Belasco was very impressed with the CallRail solution, which went far beyond his original attempts at a truly comprehensive call tracking and analytics platform. “CallRail is constantly developing new features, and they have a user-friendly interface that clients can actually use. Add to that ability, integration with Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and robust reporting capabilities. We didn’t have any of that. Plus, the CallRail team is constantly thinking about where to go next with a roadmap for future enhancements.”

The Agency’s Solution

CallRail gave Inflow the ability to deploy unique, trackable numbers assigned to specific keywords and different sources of inbound leads. They also used call recordings to monitor how leads were handled once a customer was dealing with the firm.

“The transition was easy and the clients seem to really love it,” declared Belasco. “All we had to do was take our code out and put the CallRail code in.”

Agency Delivers Solid Results for Clients

Mike Belasco sums up the advantage of CallRail succinctly. “Every time we implement the CallRail solution, we are able to close the loop on tracking—and essentially find money,” he stated. “It has enabled us to make higher-level decisions, such as which underperforming channels we should cut out. In a recent example: We had a real estate client where we analyzed form and online data, and we were suspicious of the performance of their Google Ads campaigns. But we said, ‘The client is still getting calls.’ So basically we were afraid to eliminate the campaign. Once we deployed CallRail, we knew that the phone leads were not coming from Ads and we were able to eliminate that expense for the client—to generate a savings of $4000/month.”

In other cases, it’s the call monitoring capability of CallRail that makes the difference for clients. “In many cases, our clients receive calls, but have not been able to convert those into sales,” Belasco noted. “One client in particular is a housecleaning service. We were able to listen to the recordings and provide some general business consulting for the client. This resulted in some revelations on the customer service they were providing, and enabled them to correct issues that were costing them revenue.”

Looking ahead, Inflow marketing is excited about the capabilities they’ve benefited from through CallRail.

“For us, the highest value of CallRail is the analytics and tracking. It gets us closer to the closed loop of visibility in order to drive even greater outcomes for our clients.”